The Black Dress that brought Him.

(H&M black dress, G.U. gray leggings, 168 black boots, vintage hat)

This was actually taken May9, 2009.

And this beautiful sexy black dress is actually very special to me. LOL. Because that day something interesting happened.
So, my mom's friend requested me and my brother to help her move out of her place (I know, much too overdressed for a moving day but that's me). We help out with a couple of things, then the moving people did everything so me and my bro got bored and decided to take pictures out there in the parking lot. LOL.

Moving on.
Okay, so it's 430pm and we're at the new place right? (beyond GORGEOUS btw. huge apartment with gleaming & sparkling everything, totally worth what she paid for: See pictures below)

Anyway of course when you move into a new pad, there has to be all those people to come in and fix up the place, such as the gas (so that there will be hot water) and people who have to coat and clean the walls, and also the moving people, etc, etc.
So I'm busy taking pictures of the scenery right? Then in comes this EXTREMELY GORGEOUS, HANDSOME, HUNKY JAPANESE GUY (who looked like he was only 24-25) with his clipboard and Japanese tongue and all. He's actually the head of the gas people, "Arms Corporation". Name: Deisuki (not sure of the spelling).He walks in the apartment. And I have to avoid looking at him because it's embarrassing. So I try fascinating myself with the wall, then when I do finally glance his way, he's starting asking questions to me!!! In Japanese, and in that moment, I completely forgot 2 terms of studying the damned language!!! Shit.
He's actually very helpful. He helped my aunt talk with the water people (although that's not his job), also gave her a huge discount. He's a very good salesman/marketing person. Actually very considerate, especially when he's speaking in his language. He's also very gorgeous. OMFG. He can also speak little Tagalog because his ex-gf before was Filipina!
Okay, moving on, so I'm busy supervising the moving people. And they're discussing the quotations and all that. Of course from time to time I drop in and listen to what he's saying (although I barely understand what he's saying) but I just love it that when I do drop in, he also includes me in the conversation. SHIT. I'm going to die. lol.
Later on, when they've taken a break quotating things, I'm just sitting down on the edge of the couch and then I hear them talking about me. OMG. And he started asking questions about me!!!! My wonderful tita had to completely sell me off. And behind she's telling me "he keeps looking at you!!!" blah, all that. And I'm like WTF.
I decide not to mind it anymore coz it's just SO damn embarrassing.
...15 min later, he approaches me and starts telling me all these things! like how his friend is a club DJ in this club in Shibuya and that he does kick boxing and all these things! My god! My heart was racing so fast I thought I was gonna die! Since I couldnt concentrate, I didn't know what to say! Shit....He's so cute... I almost died right then and there.
It was so sad to watch him go. My god. But he did stay for like 3 hours or so before he left...sigh..I wasn't able to take a picture of him either because I was SO damn SHY to act stupidly (which I already have done so). But hopefully I'll see him again because my mom will be asking the same company to come do over OUR house...
FRIENDS, please pray for me okay? Pray that I finally find my voice and my knowledge in the damned language when I see him again.Okay?Shit. Watta day. Normally, I'm not attracted to Japanese dudes nor do I really oogle at a guy like most girls but THIS is extremely different. a complete first.
P.S. My boyfriend knows about this, so it's okay. lol. I still love him forever.♥
P.P.S. Apparently this dress does wonders. LOL.

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