Pastel Delights.

Blazer: FOREVER21; Corset TOP: H&M; Mullet Skirt: Forever21; Sandals: Forever21

Photography Ja Quintana

It's been almost two months since my last blog post, and gosh, I did not even feel the time fly so fast. While my absence is almost inexcusable, I've barely any time for myself and I've barely any time now. 

And so, because I barely lack the time to write down my usual reflective narratives about random life philosophies and other forms geekgasmic pop culture, I will do what I normally don't do on a regular basis and actually, talk about fashion and what I am wearing on this post. 

Personally, I'm not a super fan on mullet anythings. I actually don't find the appeal to them and if you do check my closet, I only have a total 2 mullet anythings, this included. I love the swoosh factor it gives as you walk anywhere; though while this post covers me matching a mullet with flat sandals, a part of me feels as if it doesn't work out and mullet anythings were made to worn with heels.

Still, while this is a sort of a fail post, I do miss blogging so much and pastels have always been a lovely delight, no matter the rain or the shine, the spring or the snow. In my world, they'll never fade away, especially this color combination - baby pink and teal green, two of my absolute favorite colors in the world (the number one being blue).    

Overall, I don't recommend mullets, unless you've got the absolutely perfect styling skill for it - or rather, just the right pieces. Without the support of other iconic and equally strong pieces, an outfit with the mullet will fail. Such is the challenge of this relatively popular piece. 

This is not exactly the usual substantial post that I am normally acclaimed for, but alas, I have to get back to work and design till the ends of my days. 

I've got a lot surprises to show everyone in the next coming weeks though, so this won't be another post until another month passes kind of thing. 

Hope everyone is living wonderfully and having a lovely time wherever you may be. :)

till next time!

 your truly,


RESUME, a creative portfolio.

cover of RESUME; a creative portfolio of Carla Hutchinson

After much blood, sweat, tears, loss of sleep and brain cells, I can finally present the finished output of RESUME: A Creative Portfolio of Carla Hutchinson. Basically, its a magazine compiling previous and current articles written by Carla Hutchinson. Et voila, the rest follows the finished results of the entire thing. 


Photography by: Ja Quintana
Articles by: Carla Hutchinson



"You walk through life
with no hesitation
your heart on your sleeve,
your fears hidden in shadows."
- Ja Quintana

TOP: INDIE-GO SKIRT: Perfect Fit Shop  SHOES: Gold Dot PH SHADES: Mikee Mariel LUXE

Photography: Kit de Silva
Poetry: Ja Quintana

"You used to live 
in the world of fairytales
with happy endings 
and rainbow filled adventures"

"Haunted by the past,
your memories captured,
Time, and you stopped,
believing in fairytales"

Hello, everyone!

So I've been spending so much of my time working my butt off, constantly conceptualizing and designing, that writing for myself is slowly becoming another heavy load. Last week, I received this moving - somewhat, haunting - poem from a dear friend as a birthday gift. Anyway, I just loved it so much and just wanted to write about it a little. Above showcases an excerpt of that poem. 

I seem to have forgotten how it feels to moved by literature and how it feels to read something so very simple but something so intricately profound. Well, the author said the poem was about me so I suppose that's why I could relate to almost every line. Haha. Point is, good literature is good literature. 

One of my New Year's resolution for this year was to complete the goal of reading 15 books. I have only read 2 so far, and the 3rd barely past the midway point. I'm hoping I could find a little more time to dedicate to myself - to read again, to start yoga, to sleep right and to just take a break. till then, here's to work. 

The rest follows the last remaining photos for this post. this is one of my favorite layouts, so I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did making them!

"Fragile and naive, 
you spread out your wings, 
showing the world your beauty
flying, falling, failing"




Photography by Kit de Silva

"It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater 
our capacity for waiting." 

-Elizabeth Taylor 

These are the day when I do not know what 'rest' means and I'm taking way too many trips to the hospital. It's hard to catch a breath when you're busy thinking where to get the next cash trip or how to pay the next bill on your own. I wish I had more time to design more. And I wish I had more avenues to do so. Now I just feel trapped in a hole where I feel there is no reward at the end of the tunnel, yet I keep on going because I'm hoping and depending on a 'what if' there is a reward at the end of that particular tunnel. So far, I have no idea. So... I have no idea what rest means - much more know how to dedicate some time for myself.  Oh, how life becomes this blur of offering yourself to corporations. 

Well that's a little tidbit of my rambled thoughts as of late. At least, my photos show how
 refreshed and unstressed I am.  

Hope you enjoyed this quick post! Till the next~! 

"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, 
with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning."

-- J.B. Priestley

yours truly,


Vintage Pop-Ups.

DRESS: Forever21 HAT: SM Accessories SHADES: MikeeMariel Luxe SHOES: Forever21

Photos by Daniella Sanchez

Call me a series of unfortunate events. Immediately after blogging my previous post last week, I collapsed, falling extremely ill due to stomach pains. It was a terrible ordeal where I was stuck vomiting, hyperventilating, and gasping for breath (and for dear life) in a public bathroom with no one there to save me because it was a holiday and I lost the right mind on who to contact at the time. Eventually though, after puking my guts out, I contacted some people and out they came to the rescue. End of story, I got ER-ed with this annoying inability to walk (which went on for 2 days straight) and with a diagnosed sickness of gastroenteritis with infection. 

Sometimes, I just love it. 

Well, I'm feeling all the more better now, hence the return with happy pop-y images. Although, I'm still not allowed to take a bunch of things such as coffee, juices, tea, dairy, oily food, junk food, raw fruits -- basically, almost everything. It is such a hassle. So, don't be like me and live a healthy lifestyle! Take in food every 4 hours and don't starve yourself and let the acids take fold within you. Find a nutrionist as well, or mark down your meals so you can keep a healthy and balanced diet.  

On a happier sidenote, I forgot to mention last time that my creative portfolio from last year, "Alice in Ballet" finally got it's dreamed-feature in the latest MadHouseMNL May issue! Do visit the online magazine if you haven't yet. MadHouseMNL has always been notorious for presenting innovative and creative editorials so you won't regret a thing with this one! 

You can find Alice in Ballet on page 154 on the latest MadHouseMNL issue. Once again, I would like to thank all of the people who contributed in the making of this personal spread and helping me make it all happen.

Last tidbit. There is always a certain air of magic when you're wearing a skirt or dress that swooshes with the wind, for lack of better term. I'm not a fan of mullet-style skirts and dresses but my mom urged me to wear this for her birthday, and I just love the teal-color. Hence, the walkways down the stairs because that's where the swoosh-factor occurs. While I'm not exactly regal when walking down the stairs...well, at least the thought was there. Haha!

That's all for now! Till the next post!
Enjoy the rest of the photos. 

yours truly,