Pastel Delights.

Blazer: FOREVER21; Corset TOP: H&M; Mullet Skirt: Forever21; Sandals: Forever21

Photography Ja Quintana

It's been almost two months since my last blog post, and gosh, I did not even feel the time fly so fast. While my absence is almost inexcusable, I've barely any time for myself and I've barely any time now. 

And so, because I barely lack the time to write down my usual reflective narratives about random life philosophies and other forms geekgasmic pop culture, I will do what I normally don't do on a regular basis and actually, talk about fashion and what I am wearing on this post. 

Personally, I'm not a super fan on mullet anythings. I actually don't find the appeal to them and if you do check my closet, I only have a total 2 mullet anythings, this included. I love the swoosh factor it gives as you walk anywhere; though while this post covers me matching a mullet with flat sandals, a part of me feels as if it doesn't work out and mullet anythings were made to worn with heels.

Still, while this is a sort of a fail post, I do miss blogging so much and pastels have always been a lovely delight, no matter the rain or the shine, the spring or the snow. In my world, they'll never fade away, especially this color combination - baby pink and teal green, two of my absolute favorite colors in the world (the number one being blue).    

Overall, I don't recommend mullets, unless you've got the absolutely perfect styling skill for it - or rather, just the right pieces. Without the support of other iconic and equally strong pieces, an outfit with the mullet will fail. Such is the challenge of this relatively popular piece. 

This is not exactly the usual substantial post that I am normally acclaimed for, but alas, I have to get back to work and design till the ends of my days. 

I've got a lot surprises to show everyone in the next coming weeks though, so this won't be another post until another month passes kind of thing. 

Hope everyone is living wonderfully and having a lovely time wherever you may be. :)

till next time!

 your truly,


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