"You walk through life
with no hesitation
your heart on your sleeve,
your fears hidden in shadows."
- Ja Quintana

TOP: INDIE-GO SKIRT: Perfect Fit Shop  SHOES: Gold Dot PH SHADES: Mikee Mariel LUXE

Photography: Kit de Silva
Poetry: Ja Quintana

"You used to live 
in the world of fairytales
with happy endings 
and rainbow filled adventures"

"Haunted by the past,
your memories captured,
Time, and you stopped,
believing in fairytales"

Hello, everyone!

So I've been spending so much of my time working my butt off, constantly conceptualizing and designing, that writing for myself is slowly becoming another heavy load. Last week, I received this moving - somewhat, haunting - poem from a dear friend as a birthday gift. Anyway, I just loved it so much and just wanted to write about it a little. Above showcases an excerpt of that poem. 

I seem to have forgotten how it feels to moved by literature and how it feels to read something so very simple but something so intricately profound. Well, the author said the poem was about me so I suppose that's why I could relate to almost every line. Haha. Point is, good literature is good literature. 

One of my New Year's resolution for this year was to complete the goal of reading 15 books. I have only read 2 so far, and the 3rd barely past the midway point. I'm hoping I could find a little more time to dedicate to myself - to read again, to start yoga, to sleep right and to just take a break. till then, here's to work. 

The rest follows the last remaining photos for this post. this is one of my favorite layouts, so I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did making them!

"Fragile and naive, 
you spread out your wings, 
showing the world your beauty
flying, falling, failing"