Vintage Pop-Ups.

DRESS: Forever21 HAT: SM Accessories SHADES: MikeeMariel Luxe SHOES: Forever21

Photos by Daniella Sanchez

Call me a series of unfortunate events. Immediately after blogging my previous post last week, I collapsed, falling extremely ill due to stomach pains. It was a terrible ordeal where I was stuck vomiting, hyperventilating, and gasping for breath (and for dear life) in a public bathroom with no one there to save me because it was a holiday and I lost the right mind on who to contact at the time. Eventually though, after puking my guts out, I contacted some people and out they came to the rescue. End of story, I got ER-ed with this annoying inability to walk (which went on for 2 days straight) and with a diagnosed sickness of gastroenteritis with infection. 

Sometimes, I just love it. 

Well, I'm feeling all the more better now, hence the return with happy pop-y images. Although, I'm still not allowed to take a bunch of things such as coffee, juices, tea, dairy, oily food, junk food, raw fruits -- basically, almost everything. It is such a hassle. So, don't be like me and live a healthy lifestyle! Take in food every 4 hours and don't starve yourself and let the acids take fold within you. Find a nutrionist as well, or mark down your meals so you can keep a healthy and balanced diet.  

On a happier sidenote, I forgot to mention last time that my creative portfolio from last year, "Alice in Ballet" finally got it's dreamed-feature in the latest MadHouseMNL May issue! Do visit the online magazine if you haven't yet. MadHouseMNL has always been notorious for presenting innovative and creative editorials so you won't regret a thing with this one! 

You can find Alice in Ballet on page 154 on the latest MadHouseMNL issue. Once again, I would like to thank all of the people who contributed in the making of this personal spread and helping me make it all happen.

Last tidbit. There is always a certain air of magic when you're wearing a skirt or dress that swooshes with the wind, for lack of better term. I'm not a fan of mullet-style skirts and dresses but my mom urged me to wear this for her birthday, and I just love the teal-color. Hence, the walkways down the stairs because that's where the swoosh-factor occurs. While I'm not exactly regal when walking down the stairs...well, at least the thought was there. Haha!

That's all for now! Till the next post!
Enjoy the rest of the photos. 

yours truly,

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