With Love, My Sinta.

Blazer: H&M Top: H&M Shorts: INDIE-GO Shoes: Sinta Shoes Accessories: H&M and Blings&Jewel

Photography by Kit de Silva

I have this habit of going on a constant hiatus instead of going on a constant blogging spree. But to explain, I've been caught up in so much design work and then, I immediately jumped into a 2-week vacation getaway and then right after, I jumped right into a new job. My fast-paced way of running around through time and space has been zapping my strength so quickly I can barely blink. Hence, it's been so hard to blog. Though time to time again, I've been tempted to just post a bunch of photos on an entry space, publish that and proclaim it to be a 'blog post'. Thank goodness reason stops me from doing something as preposterous and ridiculous as that. 

So now I live a life of office life - wherein I wake up at specific time in the morning and then, leave the house at a specific hour and then the hours just go on by. A very routine life. As a freelancer, I had a semblance of freedom of my hours, at least and now that's taken away from me a little. But I'm not complaining. But I'm not sure how I feel about this newly-acquired routine life. All I know is that my brain cells and energy gets zapped out a lot and I am becoming fond of my really funky, creative, funny and witty officemates. I like how we're all stressed together as a team - you don't get that when you're an independent freelancer. All in all, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at being a new girl in an actual advertising corporation.

Anyway, today holds an ostentatious day for my country - the 2013 General Elections that would bring in the new batch of Senators and district officials. Honestly, I don't know what to feel about this season's elections. Probably because I've been out of the loop with what's happening (I don't have television nor WiFi at my current residence and all I do is work and design) around the world as of late. I do, however, the campaigns of those candidates who seem like they're running a show and parading all over town, but anything more, I have no clue. 

Because of work, I had to re-activate my Facebook after 5 months of being out of it. Right now, my news feed is filled of people with heated status messages about their thoughts and feelings regarding elections and society in general. On a normal basis, I'd post as well, but as someone who is currently entirely lacking in a lot of knowledge, I do not feel the like I have the right to speak in this season's electoral activities. 

Still, I did take the time to go around and ask about people's views about this season's elections - whether they're guards or waiters or street vendors.. I think that even if they are under the blue-class workers, their thoughts and opinions matter as well since they do make up the most part of the population. I was a bit affected by their sentiments (and lack of knowledge as well) - that some didn't know where to vote and that they didn't believe in the difference their vote could make; how politicians just parade around a good sense of moral faith and concern to their countrymen only during their election season but, when they've risen to position, they just get richer and richer, the poor remains poor. 

Honestly, I do not know how to feel about this resigned decision to be apathetic towards social welfare in general. At one point, I understand their sentiments and complaints but at the same time, I feel a bit sad that people (especially the ones who do make the bulk of the overall population) just either gave up or continue to not receive proper information regarding this whole thing. And then there's this ridiculous case of vote buying. Honestly... What. the. fuck. 

But if there's anything I wish politicians had the power to do (aside from making the streets a cleaner and safer place or promulgating rules and regulations), it's that they have the ability to remove apathy and invoke social involvement among each and every countrymen. But even the lowest of the social ladder continues to sees the wrong and then, we just have to wonder... why isn't anything happening in that particular regard? (though hands down, we are prospering economically, still, we have to consider this other matter).  

Well, what's done (and what's not been done) is done and results come out in a couple more hours. I suppose we can only hope and try in whatever way we can and overall, just watch how things fall in to place (or don't). I'm hoping to those who were able to vote that they knew who they were voting for and why they were voting for that candidate. Fingers crossed on the welfare of my country.

The following remains the rest of my outfit post. Something summery and something for this new office girl.  Tell me your thoughts about it and overall, just enjoy the rest of this post.

Till the next time!

yours truly,

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  1. Cute outfit! Hope you are doing well Marika :)