Jacket: INDIE-GO; Top: H&M; Shorts: INDIE-GO; Accessories: KG StyleHub and Forever21;
Shoes: SOULE Phenomenon

Photography by Kit de Silva

These days, my spirits have been inexorably up in the air. So much so, that no matter how the intense heat literally burns my brain cells or no matter how much design work has been stressing me out as of late, my face, my heart, my soul is smiling all ears from top to bottom. 

Call me crazy, but I don't mind. 

I like how, no matter how much shit's been hitting the fan on all ends for me, I can still find a positive loophole out of it and deftly move past the shit. So I suppose, I owe it all to this human being I lately call 'Coffee Prince' (as in like, the Korean dramas), who probably barely even knows just how much his mere existence can literally light up an entire room or how his super kind smile can just erase whatever annoyance the day incurred or problem that's been heavily weighing on my shoulders. So I guess this little paragraph on a blog post is my token of thanks to this stranger who has unknowingly been an enigmatic catalyst of all things positive in my life right now. And while I have no serious intentions of actually pursuing this person (due to personal and realistic reasons), I'm just happy for the constant happiness and inspirations that's been lighting my spirits on a constant and daily basis. 

So, thank you.

They say life is series of constant searching for hope and direction; love and happiness; meaning and acceptance; for constant people and interesting people. Lately, I've been coming across extremely exceptional and genuine kinds of people and it surprises me each day that certain kinds of people exist (probably because I've encountered so much betrayal and so many two-faced people over the last year that it surprises me today that actual kindness and genuinely interesting people exist)- who live simple-mindedly but enigmatically charging through life like fire -- and they don't even realize it. I'm so happy to have come across such people. And the search goes on.. for more and for new things to come. 


One of the great perks of being an art director for an online brand is that you get first glimpses (and dibs) on new collections that have yet to make its debut to the wider market. 

I wanted to try out something a little bolder than my usual. Crop tops have always frightened me because I'm not exactly as skinny as I look and I'm not skinny in part where I'm supposed to be. Got the riddle? Haha. Maybe it was the heat or maybe it was Coffee Prince but, it never hurt to step out of one's comfort zone.  Walking around in a crop top during this time, I didn't feel insecure nor embarrassed and the whole thing managed to work and has become a lovely and torn mix between the floral romantic style and denim street style. 

My guest photographer also deemed me of channeling a Demi Lovato peg. I did not realize. I give that credit to my new black and choppy layered hairdo.

Another short post, but I'm tired and this is a bit overdue. Today marks the birth of dearest mother and the day has been nothing short of surprises that the family all worked up just to make this day a whole lot more special for her. Below enlists a short bookspread-message I made out for her. Unfortunately, it's not my best work because its crammed and I've been getting burned out as of late. But she loved it and I'm just so happy she was happy today. 

Enjoy the rest of the photos!
Till the next post.

yours truly,


  1. Girl, I swear your hair gets even more awesome with each upload. What are you doing differently?! I can't tell. But I love it!!! And I'm totes gonna steal this idea for mother's day. Hahaha. Happy birthday to your mom! Enjoy the Davao experience with the others :) Can't wait to hear all the crazy stories ;)

    Megann, Style Surgery

  2. Your mum is so cute! I love you made those edits, must have taken time and attention ♥
    Also I was getting a Demi vibe from you hahaha and the secret to outfits like that is confidence so it's a goo thing you didn't feel awkward ♥
    I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award http://stopmotionwords.blogspot.co.nz/2013/04/the-versatile-blog-award.html