Drag Me to Hell.

WARNING: This is not a fashion entry. I just need to vent.

All though I had beautiful dreams of December in Tokyo, H&M and getting myself a pair of Jimmy Choos (for H&M), I wake up and see that Michael Jackson is DEAD. Like for real! Gosh! I cant believe it! I'm kind of sad about it though... I mean I know he had a bunch of scandals and the guy was seriously weird but honestly this world would be NOTHING without Michael Jackson!!!

Source: etonline

Michael Jackson's those kinds of legends who I always thought would just never die (like in person) Like he'd always be there and just NOT die. Even if he's not performing now, he's just... there. So this is really sad. :( I swear I can't believe this.

FAVE SONGS: "You Rock My World"
that "Heal the World" song they kept drilling into us during high school.

In other news, as of today, SMARTBRO officially sucks.

It's now habitual for them to cut the lines off unexpectedly every 2 or 3 days for "maintenance" or whatnot. I do NOT want to pay the bill if this terrible display of service is continued. It's annoying, an absolute disruption of daily living and becoming a scam. 24 hours every 2 to 3 days with no Internet? That's totally unfair.

Am I un-updated? Is it just me? What? What's happening to these guys? They're seriously falling apart.

Today was also my first time to Trinoma.

SOURCE: Ayala Malls & Glitterati

Thanks to Glitterati, I ended up going all the way there for the Pinoy Chic Bazaar (my first bazaar here in the Phil. ever! I loved it! Bazaars are awesome, I had no idea!)

ZARA has this HUGE sale too! I was very shocked. Because honestly I have never seen Zara in such a state before. Everything in packs of 495, 795, 1350, 2450, etc etc. Huge sale, I tell you, HUGE. However the day when this sale will end is still unknown, they havent received word yet. I do hope they carry on with it for a month or so. I'd love to go back and actually find a size to the pieces that I want (annoying how the ones that I wanted would always be L size only).

ON to soul of this blog.

Why is it that the service here in the Philippines absolutely sucks? Or is it just seriously deteriorating? Or is everyone just going through menopausal?

Sympre, I'd like to ask questions like where can I buy stored valued tickets, or which way is to this store in Trinoma or do you have any chimmichangas in here?
I mean I asked REALLY nicely, like how all good girls are supposed to do it, very mahinhin, very un-RIKA-like.

And what do I get?

I get a WTF look coming from these people. AMAZING. They look at me as if I'm the stupidest bimbo in the world and tell me to go away and shoo somewhere.


How unaccomodating.
Oh and how annoying it is that when I walk pass stores/enter a store, everyone acknowledges me with "Good morning, Maam/Sir!"
1. It's not morning. 2. Can't you distinguish? I understand I have short hair but... sheesh.

GOING HOME: My travel going to Trinoma is really LRT-MRT coz it's really far and cabs would cost way to much.
On the way back, the MRT was fine. It was fast. I arrived at EDSA station at 630. I arrive here in Vito Cruz 8pm.


Apparently, the trains have been breaking down. To the point where nothing ever comes and the people just accumulate and they don't let us even enter the station anymore. We line up. People still accumulate. It get hotter. Everyone's sweating. People get rowdy and I cant stop cursing.

an Hour later. We FINALLY are allowed to get in. As soon as I cross the ticket thing, I find half the population of Manila crammed in that little platform.

We're all squeezing as the train takes 10 million years to get there. And when it finally does. CHAOS. everyone is pushing. pushing. and PUSHING.
GOD! as if the trains will run out ! MY GOD!
I was so pissed, I ended up pushing people to get in. Help me. Grabeh. They all really want to die.
And security is nowhere to be seen. They drowned somewhere in the back.

Then when I finally get to my destination it's all crammed in the train, and I'm like pushing and fighting my way out. And you're barely even past the doors when the open and you come face to face with the biggest sumo-looking girls you've ever seen in your life who all want to come in the train and not let you out!!!

I had to scream and curse and push people just to get out. I swear my inner violence awakened.
Like Emmy Rossum in 'Dragonball'. Or Vanessa Hudgens in her upcoming movie 'Sucker Punch'.
Except they had the guns and I didn't.

NOTE TO SELF: Never ride the LRT as much as I can.
People want to die there!

I'm just glad I got back safely. Better late than never.


  1. awww rika!!!
    this post is so funny! :))
    from MJ to lrt. hilarious!

    yeah i know lrt sucks. just imagine me.
    every morning and at night.
    im dying everyday. :))

  2. @ gaylee: and that is why you should stay here na! :D