The Essence of a Woman.

Changing gears. lol.
Very Mary-Kate inspired.

NARITA Airport Terminal 1. 061409.

No I did not take Cathay Pacific. It's just the view.

(Zara blazer, H&M black spag. top, G.U. jeans, Forever21 fringe sandals, mother's scarf)

Because the essence of a woman is a... blazer.
Really, it's a very empowering piece of clothing. Professional business women wear them in their gorgeous heels to the corporate world and they look like they're about to own the world.
Women wear them during reports, conferences and important events and they look like Superwomen, saying their speech, doing what they do best. Really, how such clothing can make men drop to the floor crawling. We obviously wear it better than they do. There's elegant, dignity and power when you see gorgeous women wearing gorgeous blazers and heels in the right way.
Sorry guys.

However, I'm only traveling (back to hell lol) therefore I had to change gears. Plus it would be hot when I land in hell anyway so no point in ruining such a fine, delicate piece of clothing.

Remember this (to whoever's been reading and following my blog): Dress for yourself and no one else.

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