like walking on water...

Louis Vuitton Ometesando Branch @ night.

So pretty, I swear.

(168 blue dress, 168 wayfayers, Forever21 orange cropped jacket, Paris Kids jewelry, mother's white slippers)

I was actually lazy to dress up today (lol, and then I'm wearing a dress...not the point!) However, this is pretty simple compared to my usual outfits. But I like it. It was extremely hot today, and I felt so breezy in this dress.
Sometimes, it's a comfort to be dressed simply.
I feel like walking on water with this dress.
Also, this dress is actually pretty expensive (at least for me) despite where it came from. Oh well. It was love. And I needed something pretty to wear for the Finale that time. lol.

I was supposed to go shopping @ Forever21 the next day. But my parents didn't want to have dinner just yet, so they said, "why not shop right now nlang?" LOLOL. so we went. It was fun. I HATE IT BECAUSE THE ONES I WANT DO NOT HAVE ANY SIZE ANYMORE THEN THEY DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY THE NEXT TIME YOU COME BACK.
It's like hiding dead bodies, y'know?

Omotesando is a hill filled with pretty buildings of designer stores. EVERYTHING IS THERE ALL LINED UP, ALL GOT THEIR OWN THING GOING. I wanna work in/for Louis Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurent.
Oh, someday......

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  1. hi..wuw.. love your dress..
    what do you mean 168?
    it's beautiful..