Last Sunday: Happy Family Day.

LSDC-Jazz (because I refuse to call it LSDC-Contemporary, WTF -- no offense; seriously WHY?) performed for WIFI Body at CCP, 070509.
Totie, Evan, Drew Sha, Brent and I watched all together. It was ridiculous because we bought tickets together right? But we all had to be separated from each other!
The whole point of watching 'together' was completely lost beyond all comprehension.

For some reason, the dress code attire (for me, Totie, Evan) had to be 'smart casual'.
LOLOL. we just wanted to dress up for reasons I shall not mention in this post.

So below is my 'smart casual' outfit. It's as 'smart casual' as it gets.

Seiyu thrifted blazer, 168 floral dress, mother's wedges, Paris Kids jewelry

Kuya Sha. Oh i've missed you!
He was talking about the Preview Barbie Ball and how the people were and how his intern job was like. I envy + feel so, so inspired.

The day before I had met with Cecile Van Straten, AKA Chuvaness, owner of Pepper Lunch (Rockwell and Shang) and she was just so sweet and really awesome, like there are no words to explain! I'm so so grateful to her. Gosh, thank God for COMMARTS. I get an oppurtunity to meet with people who I absolutely love and idolize.

Sayang lang, I wasn't able to get her picture. next time perhaps? lol.
Thank you Ms. C!

Below is Brent Chua. :)

I swear I look like I just went to Church.

The BITCHES Reunite. :)
Oh, what a lovely couple.
Love you Kuya Sha!

Paparazzi shots.

Kuya Sha.

The men I ended up with.
sounds so wrong.

ProjectRika. ♥

After the event, they had a little meeting about Malaysia, apparently it's a no-go. Or just really unclear.
Anyway, after, the rain just couldn't stop pouring and we had to like run all the way to Harbor Square. Sympre, we're running with class and style. lol.

Teriyaki Boy right after.
Gayle + Jay shock everybody with their weird PDA cult moves.

Evan in WTFH mode.


Kuya Totie is such a loser.
He didn't even treat us.

Totie in OMFG mode.

Okay, so after this whole thing, something else happened.
Evan and I didn't want to go home yet, we wanted to bond or whatever slash we were kind of depressed.
So we thought, why not have 'Pathetic Girl's Night Out'?
It was Sunday though, so we weren't sure if any bars were open. We were like willing to go anywhere in Manila just as long as we get to sit down, drink and talk.
Greenbelt 3 was the solution.
So we went. Ended up in Bedspace.
Talked about our pathetic love lives and how every men out there is almost filled with shit; some don't know, some do.
I said I wanted to like someone who already is an asshole/player/etc para I won't have to like him for long (or rather, I won't be so hurt when he completely does a 360 turn on me and betrays me coz apparently it hurts more if he claimed he was a 'good guy' and then betrayed you). God, i'm getting emo.

(how this kind of logic will make sense someday is beyond me)

The drink was Red Horse, coz there was no more Strong Ice. We got a huge bucket. I thought I could take it coz you know, I thought I was strong enough.
Apparently, that wasn't the case.

Basically, I don't remember anything from that night, except my earlier conversation with Evan when I was still sober.
That night involved me losing my precious ipod, throwing all my stuff down the escalator,Arab foreigners, making a mess in GB, vomitting on a girl, a wheelchair, 6 guards, Sito Rabat, cold showers, and me almost dying and feeling like I was stuck in a blackhole.
You connect the dots.

If there's anything I missed in this account, please do message me (privately). LOL.

If you love me, you will not make me to drink EVER AGAIN.


God. Watta happy family day.


  1. look super gorgeous!! loveeeee your blazer!!and your dress,too! saw you at chictopia!! =))