So I've Been Purple All Week...

(H&M white spag. top, H&M zebra print skirt, Seiyu thrifted blazer, People R People gladiators, vintage jewelry)

Friday. Morning. (because my outfit for the evening is different as well) LOL.
This is what I wore for the first General Assembly for TEAMCOMM. Kind of overdressed, I know, but I was bored.

I've realized that the past week I've been wearing NOTHING but PURPLE.
All repeats (except for the H&M dress) but gosh! I'm becoming addicted it's not even good anymore. Most of my closet now comprises purple and pink (amidst all the blacks and greys and whites)

I'm really excited for the whole TEAMCOMM thing. Gives me something to do so I won't be so depressed and stuff.
Cant wait to start over in this org! :D

Thursday.070209.Vince's birthdate. :D
Friday(the same day I wore this outfit).070309.Vince's bday party @decanter.

"2105 Party's Friday Night"

Apparently both me and my darling roommate both had our own parties to go to this evening.
Me @ Tomas Morato, Her @ The Fort.

Had gorgeous friends over the condo and they helped us get ready for the night ahead!
Thanks loves!!! You guys are so fab forever! :D

I'm in an H&M vest (i was afraid to make it lower so I pinned it, lol), G.U. jeans, FuddyDuddy peeptoes.
She's in Forever21 floral dress (mine btw, lol) and Cassandra wedges (hers na)

We both look gorgeous, it's ridiculous! lol.
Pictures were not in HQ coz we were so into getting ready and whatnot. Ahloveit.

P.S. I did NOT get so dead drunk @ vince's party.
I did, however have a major headache, and a good sleep.
Ranted all night long with my very gorgeous friend who I will not mention here. teehee.
And talked with Kuya Raffy about things I barely remember. I swear, he loves to talk !

Quote Kris: "Grabeh si Raffy...*sighs*"

Accidentally, stole Kuya Fred's jacket. It looks good on me.
I wish I could keep it forever.



  1. I really like the white blazer and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your black wedges. And I don't even like wedges. SO CUTE. :'D