Too Much Purple.

(People are People white tank top, UniQlo ruffled skirt, beige leather shoes from Korea, 168 belt)

My outfit yesterday.

I feel like a boy in that tank top coz my muscles are like HUGE. I'm a muscular girl from all the dancing, training and exercising from before (at least my arms and legs). ARGH. I hate it!!!!

But as annoyed as I am, I kind of feel sexy about it.
Iono, something about it.

Or maybe this is my first truly ever laidback outfit all summer.
I've been too girly and too uptight. I like formal stuff and making it work for everyday activities and this is really different from what I wear normally. It's actually more comfortable. Or maybe it's just the shoes. Iono.

I may be depressed. But I am going to DO something about it!!!!

Cant wait for tonight. :D

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