After almost a month-long hiatus, I am finally getting back to the blogging world. I miss it. all of it. Especially Chictopia.

I feel bad not posting as often as I would like but it's hard when the internet connection is barely working for you, typhoons are threatening outside your window and schedules that require you to stay in during the most part of the day. I feel fat and I feel muscular. It's ridiculous.

But here we go. The sun's up and I don't care. Let's all dress up and have some fun!

1. Outfit

H&M black top, Kaye Morales skirt, fringe heels, Forever21 jewelry

-finally found the perfect oppurtunity to wear the most amazing skirt I found at the Artisan Bazaar.
Unfortunately, the weather didn't agree with me as the wind picked up it's pace telling me, "girl, you wore a gorgeous skirt and i don't like it. therefore let's let it fly."

Right. The dress code also says that my entire outfit is huge NO-NO...

So what I did to remedy the problem was to slap on a blazer. of course.
(I have so much now thanks to thrift stores I think I could pass out in happy glee)

Funny, how I'm so attracted to blazers and jackets everywhere I go.

Voila! Magnifique!
thrift is am-mmay-zing.

It's padded so I feel a little Michael Jackson, a little Balmain surge through me everytime I wear that red piece of gorgeous-ness.

2. Looklet.com

Another thing that's kept me locked and occupied is this AHM-MMMAY-ZING stylist site, Looklet.com, that gives you the perfect venue to release all your stylist/style ideas.
Love the wide collection of clothes, shoes, bags, everything.
And it gets updated every week or so!

If you love fashion and can't seem to put it on paper as well as others could then this site is definitely for you. Make an account. Get started. And have all the fun in the world!
You'll be so hooked, it'll get addicting.

My first look on Looklet.com

However, the other day I was going thru H&M.com, just checking out if they've got sample designs for the JimmyChooxH&M collab for preview yet (no, it's not out yet) but apparently they have their own version of a Looklet too! (under FashionStudio)

and although the only products & sets they've got there are few and only H&M-centre-d, the models are prettier and so much more dynamic than the ones in the actual Looklet.
Oh, they even have male models! Gorgeous virtual people, i sw

My stylist designs @ hm.com fashion studio


Style.com, along with the WWD and fashionista.com, are my daily newfeeds regarding the fashion world.

So, of course, after NYFW comes Paris.

C'est l'amour.

After seeing the latest runway shows, I remember how Parisians are the artisans of this world and still are.
Every piece that every designer does is so artistically done - may it be inspired by birds, the night, the old 70's disco look, the 28/36 situations, Wimbledon, cold-blooded reptiles, etc - that the whole collection is just so...breathtaking.
And how i just can't wait till spring comes!

Loving what I'm seeing from Galliano.

And then there was Alexander McQueen...

So I've always tended to avoid this designer because his designs are always so out-there, it frightens me.
No, really. If there's any designer that's so good he's got you hiding, it's Alexander McQueen.

But then, since my iPhone was begging me to just click his name, I did and boom.

Completely. blown. away.

I get the frightening theme: Reptiles on Ice.

But it's such an beyond-amazing collection, I just couldn't help but love it and completely fawn over it.

It's so well-done through and through to perfection that I don't even see the models anymore. Just that. The clothes. The designs. The creatures coming alive on the runway.
Those dresses are LOOKING AT YOU and are so alive, so surreal, you just want to run away and hide under your bed (while still of course peeking the next design in line).



And then commeth Chanel.

My no. 1 so far in the entire bunch.
Prim&proper, lace, tailored suits, lovely skirts, everything that is prim lady-like is brought forth here.

There is no other but...

4. New York Fashion Week roundup.

My top faves from NYFW.
Definitely going to go back to color after the fall; I was always a kind of in to the whole girly-girl, prim&proper lady style anyway.

P.S. Stella McCartney is...wow.

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