Found a Place in the Middle of Geek-Land.

Location: Akihabara District
Day: Sunday, main roads are closed.
Purpose: Neko-Jalala Cat Cafe
Mission: FAILED.

Welcome to Akihabara.
Boy Geek Land.

I don't always visit this district because I don't really belong here, but I love it all the same.
You see so many random things boys love and go ga-ga over, it's all so interesting!
Like they go crazy over the cutest weird things! And I wanna know why! HAHA.

When I return, I will seriously devote one full day to just hanging around there and getting the ropes around things (like what's the latest anime everyone's into, what game everyone's going gaga over, what computer parts need to be fixed, oh and ofcourse, so I can buy cheap camera parts, and the list goes on and on).
My purpose for going to Akihabara that Sunday though was so that I could visit the Neko Jalala Cat Cafe. But it was kinda cramped with people so I couldn't see the kitties.
I had no phone, no way to contact my brother or dad, no idea where to go... and then, BOOM.
A little surprise greets me.

Cafe Euro. A French-Style cafe. Your table is positioned to watch people as they pass by while delighting on delectable funky ice cream. Cute.
I thought it was the perfect place made just for me.

People kept on looking though. I've never had so many people turn to look at me as I watched them walk on. Maybe they found me, this foreigner in a French-ish cafe, watching them? I have no idea. But all the same, I've found my spot in the Land of the Geeks and I am ever more the happy chipper.

song currently playing:

In a Cave - Tokyo Police Club


  1. you look so cute in the 3rd photo! love the dress hun! jealous that you go to go to Japan!

    do send me some love over at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com :)

  2. sigh i'm going this summer again to akiba
    but i really want to work as the lady who cosplays while handing out tissues haha

  3. that electric blue really suits you x


  4. I'm probably the only person who lives in Japan who avoids Akiba like the plague... hahaha. But your pictures are great - love your dress and your boots!

  5. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time!

  6. i miss your posts ;_;

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