Kiss Kiss.

Well, what can I say? Summer has finally arrived in Tokyo.

Right, so one Sunday afternoon, my brother declaims how he wants to go to Tower Records in Shibuya because he needed to get the next up on Percy Jackson. So we did after Church. 

Here are a few finds that caught my attention: 

Best definition of a "kiss" I've seen so far
For months on end now, I've been trying to decipher what exactly do kisses mean. I could actually start a thesis on it -- because a wide range on perspective and age, dating and relationships, men and women. Amazing, how one 3-letter word can cause such mayhem in one's mind. 

I love how bookstores in Tokyo have an incredibly various range of magazines -- all kinds of categories, countries, mainstream or indie magazines -- whatever you can think of (or havent even imagined), they've probably got it. Anyway, this magazine I stumbled on (a Japanese artsy magazine with an international market) gave me the best definition of what a "kiss" really is.

And then, this.

Ok. I love the Star Wars movies. But in the entire SW franchise, I'm more drawn and interested in the Old Republic. There's so much lore and history and story there. Well, I haven't played the games (though I desperately want to because the stories are just so beautiful), but I have decent knowledge about them (and yes, I spoiled myself). I usually love watching the guys get their game on when SWTOR came it -- it looked so pretty. And I read Deceived, fell in love with Malgus, got mindboggled. 

So this find has drawn me completely. And the pages.... gah. I want it. 

Here's a tip: If you want to be my boyfriend, buy this book for me coz that is the gem. :)) And then, I'll probably consider it. :))

Imperial trooper art
Female bounty hunter
Eleena, one of my most favorite characters from Deceived
This mini-book is so hilarious! 
Gaaah, Shibuya. You got me again.

Me and my dad

I haven't been posting coz I've been busy and alot's been happening. But you find contentment and joy despite such consistent turmoil and struggle. For me, it's these books and geek-stuff. Words and things that can make me think and meta-think. :))

More things are about to come out, and I am quite excited to start (and complete) my projects and other ventures. So much to do, so little time! 
Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, do visit Aira Franco's website, shop for shoes and belts and get to know all about the prenup stylist more! 

Graphics by: Marika Callangan

yours truly,


  1. Marika! I didnt know that you're a blogger. Anyway, ill start following you. Im not blogging yet..but I might be soon.

  2. Rikaaa! I'm so jealous. I want to go to Shibuya one day <3