Sneak Peek: Alice in Ballet, the Shoot.

SNEAK PEEK of the Alice in Ballet shoot!

If you remember my Inspiration post almost a month ago about mixing up Alice in Wonderland, ballet and Barbie for a shoot, finally here it is (well, at least a sneak peek of it)! WE ACTUALLY DID IT!

After weeks of conceptualizing, contacting people and finalizing clothes, shoes, accessories, models, etc needed for this shoot, I am so happy for how things turned out despite everything! And I still can't get over the crazy fact that I managed to pull off this crazy idea -- but not without the amazing people who sponsored and took part in this shoot. 

My photographer/editor, Kit de Silva, is amazing! And I cannot wait to see the final photos and present them to you all. 

Giddy with excitement and overwhelmed with gratitude. :) So... are you ready to see Alice in ballet? Hee.

Till then. Ciao! 

Photo (c) Kit de Silva
This post is sponsored by Sabrina, Nima Manila, Rage Republic and DAS Shoes

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