A Dye-ing Rage.

[Outfit Details: Top from Forever21, Pants from RageRepublic, Accessories from Forever21, Shoes from Rockwell Archeology]

Once upon a time, these kind of pants were huge hit around the world that it got a tad bit annoying.  Safe to say that I've avoided them quite well all these years because 1. I found them difficult to wear (in a sense that I had no idea what to pair them with) and 2. Everyone else around me wore them waaay too much and waay better than I ever could. 

Years later, who knew I'd be getting a treat from a dear friend and go crazy one evening with roommate, Luxe. We're not saying bring the trend back, but hey, it's always good to have a little ridiculous fun like this. It has been AWHILE since my last serious outfit post. 

Still, I'm not sure if I pulled it off or did it right. But either or, I'm sure you get the point my outfit is trying to come across. 

In other news, I've been feeling really amazed by the current status of my life. Months ago, I was struggling with something I found profoundly painful, and now that that particular dark phase is over, all these doors are opening! I love how I'm suddenly branching out as a brand designer over being a stylist. Photoshop's my bestfriend and I've much to learn still. 

Excited for all these projects to launch and take hold! You're all in for a treat! Fingers crossed and hope they all turn out well! :D   

Last bit, RAGEREPUBLIC is extending their SUPERSALE until August 10, 2012! Do visit and grab the last piece of items while you can! 

yours truly, 

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