The City.

TOP: Forever 21 SHORTS: INDIE-GO SHOES: Primadonna Scarf (Used as Turban):  WWW
Photos by Monica Villarica

It's been a great month for me thus far. Today, I wake up with one of more recent writings posted over at Blog and The City - a beautiful and well-thought out site catering to column pieces written by bloggers from around the world, each describing vividly the city of their origin. So, what better way for me to spend the last of what has been an awesome weekend than to share and blog about the little good things that have graced my way lately. 

It's been a great honour writing this column. As a brief description, my piece details about my home city Manila and attempts to destroy some common conventional thoughts when first thinking about a Third World country. 

Honestly, I have sorely missed writing bits and blah of things and other tidbits. With much luck, hopefully I do get a chance to write more for different columns, people and even, publications. 

But here's a good start anyway. 

Screencap from BlogandtheCity.net

So, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was spontaneously asked to host for a gig of this somewhat famous rockstar here in Manila. Prior to the night of the hosting gig, she was panicking about what to wear and cramming all preparations needed. She sought my urgent help and I thought it would be a fun thing to help her shoulder her funny predicament. Anyway, 4 hours in to the whole wardrobe chaos, we ended up with nothing much. Haha. After rewatching Beyonce's SuperBowl performance for another 2 rounds, we ended stumbling upon these really cool turban-scarf tutorials online and thought, hey, why not? Personally, it was something I never got into because my hair sucks and it creates these annoying folds -- all things but what's seen on the photo. Therefore as a stylist, I'd rather explore these little knacks on other people instead of myself. One day, I realized my hair made me feel like a rockstar and I tried this old (but still neat) trick out. 

Whatyaknow? It ain't so bad. Albeit, probably badly done, but I suppose for things like this, a square scarf would achieve better results. 

P.S. Check out the rad doodle board behind me. They say February is the art month. (Yay, it's more than the "love month"). The city has been sprouting with all these amazing art activities everywhere, its been exhilarating. 

Enjoy the rest of the photos!


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  1. Such a Grecy outfit ! Love The Shorts !

  2. Love this outfit! Great photography as well :)


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  4. Lovely Stills.. Nice to see all these pictures..

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  8. Your blog is so inspiring and you have perfect hair, whats not to love. Especially your logo, its wonderful! What I love most about your blog is your style choices, and the colours you choose. Makes me want to buy more colourful clothes!