Photography by: Monica Villarica

Once again, I've gone almost month long since my last post -- BUT this blogging absence comes with a most definitely good reason as to why and I'd like to spend the time to gush about that right about now. 

People who know me well, know how much of a total geek I can be. Mostly, people know me to be the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones (as of late) go-to girl because those are what people hear me gush about. Most people don't know how I delve in to other geekery as well, like Magic the Gathering, the usual Japanese samurai killing movies and animes, nor my first love of geek-dom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whilst everyone was going on and on about Pokemon or Nickelodean, I was sucked into the Buffy-verse during my childhood to pre-teen days. The best of the best of Joss Whedon was seen through Buffy (and Angel) - the original of the original vampire mark in our time (crossing out the classic stories of Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, other Anne Rice and Stephen King novels and whatnot). I mean... Buffy > Twilight, Tru Blood or The Vampire Diaries (and yes, I watch and follow that show as well). Though if you're hard-core fans of the last three equally iconic vampire series' I've enumerated, I mean no offense, just stating that Buffy was the sort of like the foundation and founder of all these that we know today. Plus heavy on the morals and drama. 

Anyway, since my last post, I've discovered some recent BtVS critiques from Seasons 1 - 7 over at thoughtcatalog.com and just sordidly missed that show. So I picked a random season (in this case, Season 5) and downloaded the whole thing. And oh my God, I just felt a piece of my childhood coming back in full fold as I watched every single familiar detail and scene transpire on the screen. I also realized there were a few episodes I missed out on -- for example, The Body episode, in which Buffy walks in to discover her mother's dead body. And... shit. Joss Whedon did an incredible job with that episode, showing to light how one would deal with the shock of death. You think you've averted it, but then it just arrives, unexpected and uncomprehending. And that was Buffy when she walked on the body of her mother. It was slow and real and so incredible painful to watch -- I couldn't help it, the waterworks were on for exactly 43 minutes. It could probably be one of the most powerful episodes in the history of Buffy. 

God, Joss Whedon, you are good.   

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Issue #40 cover art

Anyway, one day I was mindlessly flipping through my iPad when I open my comics reader app and BOOM, Season 8 of BtVS apparently stored in here this whole time! I am a moron for completely forgetting. Obviously, I get onto it immediately (yes I am gushing with excitement as I write this) and herein I present my next "book"/comic review on the whole series.  

TITLE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 (Issues #1 - #40)
AUTHOR: Joss Whedon, Brian K. Vaughan, Drew Goddard, Jeph Loeb, Jane Espenson, Drew Z. Greenberg, Brad Meltzer, and Scott Allie
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics (2007 - 2011)
SUMMARY: The Hellmouth is destroyed. Sunnydale is all but rubble. But demons and evil still persists elsewhere. A new world has begun with thousands of Slayers awakened across the globe by Buffy to help quell the vampires and the demons and a new, mysterious villain, Twilight. Oh. And the U.S. government. Also, Dawn is a giant.  


Exciting and hilarious. If you've been a fan of Buffy since Day 1 of airing in 1997, you will fawn, gush over and flip every single page (or E-page) as if there was no tomorrow. They installed a lot of foreshadowing of the end and you honestly forget all that until...well, the end. And that's really the beauty of Joss Whedon and his team -- they never really did anything that had no purpose. Even the side-stories all played their parts as perfect foreshadows of that one, magnanimous end. So really, it was a great season. Although.... a bit too much explosion. Then again, it's a comic series and the proportions television usually sets in have no bearing on ink and paper. So okay, imagine the excitement -- no boundaries, no anything, just story with add-on visual imagery. So yeah, they went overboard and probably loved every minute of it. So okay, I loved it. It's Buffy. They're back. Even if it is in comic-form.

Just... hmmm. Right. I've always been the Buffy - Angel fan (Spike is extremely sweet but Angel.. is Angel, haha!). I've hated how they've always had this heightened dramatic, Romeo and Juliet vibe -- this annoying tragic of a plotline; of how they will just never be because it's written across the stars and fate, dear old fate, just sucks. And so it is the same in this season - evermore heightened and present. They overdid the whole tragedy that is Buffy and Angel, as if the only thing missing was the line: "Buffy and Angel will never be ever again fans so get over it" plastered at the end of the issue. It was so well done that it all just seemed annoying, contrived and fine, extremely pitiful and sad (on Angel's part). At issue #39, you're just stumped with this huge mindfuck-migraine and the whole "what-the-hell-just-happened?!" line stumped all over your forehead. Reflecting upon things, I hate how they made Angel the way they did. Completely, and stupidly out of character, as if last seasons of Angel from 1 to 5 never transpired and Angel never learned jackshit from all that. Did I mention how they will never ever be... like ever? Especially after the end of Season 8. Pains. But all the more reason to hit it off with Season 9 and oh hey, Angel gets back his own comic spin-off entitled Angel & Faith, so that is exciting. 

Read it and weep, people. You need to go through this experience (especially if you're a Buffy fan).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 covers

So there, a bunch load of BtVS covers I found on Google images. But let me take a moment to present one of my most favorite covers in the entire bunch. BtVS Issue #35, Twilight Part Four. Lovely, isn't it? 

As you've pretty much already figured out by now, I am a huge Buffy-geek and I do my best to try to showcase my personal likes and interests onto my body... in this case, in the form of rings. Over the past year, I've managed to collect a bunch of really cool, iconic rings from stake rings and vampire teeth ring and the good-ol' black on silver metal rings. Check 'em out. 

Don't ask me where I got them, mostly 'cause I havent been keeping track of my online stores and these babies were snagged from bazaars from awesome people I lost track of. Apologies! Hopefully, you'll be as lucky as I to come across these super awesome goodies. 

Last tidbit, I promise.

You'll notice I'm back to doing outfit posts. Hurray! It has been a long, looooonng while. No, I do not have purple hair -- my Photoshop filters just managed to do that, but it looks trippy and I'm almost considering to do that deed. 

Hope you enjoyed this Twilight post as much as I did! Super thanks to my super awesome photographer, Monica Villarica for making this post happen! Splurging on my outfit photos now. Enjoy!

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