A Little Too.... Purple.

(UniQlo 'Give Peace The Chance' tee, UniQlo purple ruffle skirt, mother's purple headband, thrifted black jewelry)
I'm not a huge fan of ruffles. I just find them so... iono. I'm just not a fan. But I might as well try them out and try to love them right? Besides, UniQlo makes the best ruffle skirts. I also like the material. It's soft and makes me feel comfortable.
The Purple Haze has completely taken over me. It's like I'm being possessed or something. Everytime I go inside a store, I am ALWAYS attracted to purple now; it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! I literally have to tell myself to get another color other than purple because I just a little tad too much purple. Last time, I also wore a purple zebra print skirt. RAWR!!!
What is it with that color?
I also need to do something with my hair. I really hate it. I really just want to CHOP it all off.

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