The Break Up Song.

(H&M vest, Forever21 ruffle top, DIY ripped tights, Forever21 jewelry, Namdaemun boots)
Last night was the worst night of my life.
My boyfriend (now ex) completely broke it all off with me.
Spent the whole night crying my heart and eyes out, I'm truly a mess.
But in the morning, I couldnt just lie there in bed and continue crying. I might end up doing something stupid.
Because the reality cant seem to grasp me yet. My head is spinning and spinning around like I'm drunk, blurred and dizzy; I feel like that train still hasnt stopped; my heart feels heavy.
I feel like I want to grab the nearest H&M scarf in the vicinity and hang myself with it (very fashionable even in an overdramatic and dangerous imagination)
Despite my state of depression, I was able to get out of bed, visit and walk around Yoyogi Park (that was actually very peaceful for me) and shop in H&M. Bought the dress I feel in love with.
However did not remove my shades during the duration of my little travel spree.
Don't know how I'm going to get over this crap.
People around me are saying I look like as if someone died.
Ripped tights for a ripped heart.
Seems appropriate.

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  1. ya know how bella totally lost it when edward left her? and charlie was telling alice how he observed that bella seemed it was more like someone died, rather than left her.

    wala lang, familiar sentiments.

    you'll get through this. teamfab will be here to help you when u come back.