Inspired by...

Credit to: about-olsen.net

I adore this most exquisite skirt!

Love the funky wall.

(Forever21 white tee, H&M pink bandage skirt, H&M jewelry, Mango aviator shades, fringed heels)

Actually my top three 3 style icons in life are: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (fine that makes it 4, lol), Vanessa Hudgens and Rumi.
They have truly inspired me the most.

I loved this skirt the first moment I saw it.
When I saw that picture of MK from the 16th Annual Women's Distinction Luncheon, I was absolutely shocked! It was the exact same thing! lolol.

Oh well, I love.


  1. you're looking amazing!!!! loooove the skirt!!!

  2. okay so it's effin cool how you found almost exactly the same skirt, which i dont know how the hell u did but hands down to ur bad self ;p killer shoes ;) inspires me to wanna wear heels :p LOL

  3. Hello dear :D Jo here, haha. Been following your blog for a while now. I love your style! More power to the Fab Rika!

    PS, I miss you guys, the whole Green Giant family :( Long time no see!