060609: 19 and Beyond.


Today I turn 19.

Fabulously so...

YAKINUKU Eat All You Can Brunch: BEFORE.

and AFTER.
(too much food, I think)

It's like I own the street. lol.


The kikay mother.


A little Birthday treatt..

Killer boots.

Looking beyond and forward to what lays ahead of me.
I'm excited.
Things may have ended but perhaps it could be a start for a new beginning.
(very Jazz concert theme, lol).

(Zara black blazer, H&M rose cocktail dress, Forever21 jewelry, Nine West killer leather boots)

First of, thank you to all those who greeted me today!!! I appreciate you all for remembering; I love you all!
Second, I know there's a tad bit too many pictures of, well me, but I just couldn't help it. Oh well, I really love my outfit for today. Kind of formal, but it's a special day today isn't it? lol. I feel very sophisticated and kind of... old slash mature to wear stuff like this, no matter what height problem I may have. lol.

Honestly, it's like nothing traumatizing happened just recently! I feel really happy today and very grateful and just very, very giddy.
Iono. I feel like I'm ready to move on and very excited to start with new things (like designing, fashion school, comm. arts, shopping some more, friends, etc).
For now, I'm done with boys.

Also. H&M is...*sighs*
It's like rehab.
Honestly, it is.
When you get out of that building, you feel like a whole new person; completely rejuvenated.
That is the power of H&M, people. LOL.

Today, I am 19.
It's been a great year being 18 (except the last days of it, of course). I still remember the awesome debut of last year.
Once again, thank you to all my awesome friends and family!
I love you so much!!!

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