Inspiration of the Week: Vanessa Hudgens.

Credit to: vannessa-anne.org
Scans from In Style July 2009 issue.

Vanessa Hudgens

I know there are alot of people who don't like her, but I'm sorry I really am a huge fan. She's one of my style icons and I just really love her and her sense of style and her genuine personality even on the camera. Plus I love her with Zac Efron. They're perfect. Teehee.


  1. Don't worry babe, love her too. I hope to see her in more magazine like these.

    I can't wait to see her do couture or something else drastic in one of the high fashion mag.

  2. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! :D
    Loving your blog, by the way. ;)
    Hope to see you soon! :)

  3. Trust me there may be a lot of people that don't like her, but there are far more that do. The girl has a massive fan base. and to tell you the truth...i've met her, and she's amazing in person as well. personality and all. Girl is totally real, and natural, and I love the way she is shaking up the stale look of hollywood, you are not alone.

  4. Girl, don't even worry about it, I love her too lol. Not ashamed to say it. I think I love her even more for her amazing fashion sense.

    Plus she just seems REAL. Can't knock her for it.

    Love the header btw. && Gemini's ftw. =]

  5. love her too..effortless and amazingly beautiful

  6. She has no respect for her boyfriend