This is so hard to do.

No more photographer now that I'm back in the Phil.

No head here either.

So DAMN orange. RAWR!!!!!

I now try to seek help from the skinny mirror.

(Forever21 orange cropped jacket, H&M black spag-top, Forever 21 rose vintage skirt, Balancoire pink wedges, black jewelry)

Now that I'm back in the land of Tra-la-la (AKA the Republic of the Philippines), I have officially lost my photographer (because he's stuck in Japan). Therefore, I now have to do things on my own and me no likely at all!!!
The pictures are terrible and I apologize and I shall try to figure out how to go about this as I go along the days.
But I like my outfit (I love wearing printed skirts like those even though my legs look big and muscular) and I'm loving that new top.

Speaking of arriving here, I must make tell you all the story of what happened during the second worst flight of my life.

So my seat is 38-G. But there were 2 kids seated next to me and apparently the dad somehow ended up all the way in the back of the plane (specifically 63-E). So the stewardess talked to me, begged me to change seats with the dad and what was I supposed to do? Although I did try to fight for my seat and promised to take care of the kids, well... it didn't really work out.

Needless to say, I almost died in my new seat; I could feel the tired moving right below me, I could feel every turbulence so well, like this rollercoaster which isnt even fun because there's no assurance that you'll be safe once you fall or pretend to malfunction for a bit.
They did give me a bottle of wine for my "help".
I have no idea what I'm going to do with that.

Btw, I just wanted to know.
Do the luggage people (as in the ones who bring them up and place them on those revolving things from downstairs) eat McDonalds before they actually get to do their jobs?!
Because a million bags seriously passed me before I finally got mine...
1 bag. 1 huge lime green bag with my life in it.
After Tokyo, I have absolutely forgotten about the extremely SLOW service here in Tra-la-la.
God help me.


  1. That jacket just looks awesome! And also that skirt! Great styling skills ;)

  2. Love the jacket and the shoes! <3


  3. your skirt and jacket is really lovely=)