Guilty. of Being Sexy.

To start off the midterms week, TEAM FAB planned a weekend out.
However, since everyone else was a loser (lol), it was only me, Evan (mygod, another weekend with this girl!!!), Nadine and Gayle.
Yeah, we were a foursome it was awesome.

Swimming + Sleepover @ Nadine's condo, Bayview Gardens.
It's just in front of Manila Doctors, on Macapagal.
It was a pretty condo.

No, actually that's not the condo. LOL.
But I swear it was pretty and new, very welcoming.
It had like 10 million guards, with barely any people around, so we really felt secluded, as if we went out of town, instead of out Taft.

The weather however was not so pretty.
Damn the rain. It was like, what? Signal no. 2?
And I can't believe we swam at 9pm, in the cold windy weather (at least it was raining anymore)

The hour previously, we scared the shit out of ourselves watching 'Ghost Whisperer' while waiting for Gayle to text when she'd arrive from her meeting.
We had a 'One Missed Call' moment (and Nadine was like pulling at me like there was no tomorrow and we practically screaming our lungs out by the stove)

I swear I will never look at a doll the same way again.

BTW, I forgot to mention. Nadine's condo doesn't have a bed!
It has a friggin' conference room!
Like meeting table and first class chairs.
We were discussing this particular trivial topic and we had to do it there!
It was funny.
Felt like we were having a meeting regarding important things. Lol.

The pool @ night.
It had a heater, so it was totally fine to swim in.

Evan, Rika, Nadine.
We realized this evening that we have.... 1 major commonality in life.

Can you figure it out yet?
(HINT: It's not that we're hot or pretty or whatever that has to do with looks....)

After being submerged in warm water + cold weather, we went to Blue 'Wave.
Gayle still wasn't there.
And Evan is seriously someone who can make things happen.

She says as soon as we get out of the cab, "Oh Nadine, dapat magingat tayo baka nandito ung buong angkan mo."
Behind Nadine suddenly squeals, "DADDY!!!!"

Etchos! moment.

Well at least Tito was awesome and brought us to Gerry's Grill.
Ordered a bunch of food for us.
Thank you Tito!!!!

In Gerry's Grill, ended up talking about deep stuff (gosh, I don't believe it) like family matters.
The week before, Evan and I were talking about are most pathetic love lives.
Next week? I wonder. LOL.

Coffee after dinner.

Gosh, I feel like such a grown up. lol.

Before we returned the condo, we stopped by 7-11 and Evan went 'shopping' for drinks.
She, iono, took 30 minutes in there just buying drinks, making chova the guard and paying everything!

@ 1215. Gayle FINALLY arrives from her meeting.

When the juices finished, Evan went back down to 7-11 @ 2am in the morning just to buy
THAT bitch.

I hate Red Horse.
(refer to blog before this)

Again, if I did anything stupid to anyone else that evening, please let me know.
fuckin' hell.

Nadine died first.

So since Nadine died, she completely missed out on our conversation till 530 am.

Talked about boys, love, sex, people, love, why and how men are what they are, etc.

Best quote of the night:
"I want a guy who doesn't have 'ideals' (ideal girl image), but who... likes me.. for me.. despite the flaws, lahat." -- Arellano, 2009.

I know right?

Coz seriously are there still any one around like that these days?

After ephihanies like that, we all died.
(at least me and gayle, Evan cleaned, took pictures and treated the Red Horse as if it was coffee; at 6am she died too)

Above is Nadine.
Below is me and Gayle.

Just a little preview.

1030 am, we're making our way to the 'other' pool.

Baring it all.

God, it's like summer just started for us. LOL.

(the people who didn't turn up are such losers, most especially Monica Villarica. etchos tlga. LOL, love you girl, don't kill me in my sleep, pretty please :D )




Jump shots!
(grabeh this was tiring. I got hurt in the process lol. but it was all fun)

Cute niya. Exotic beauty, I swear.

Although she looks like she wants to murder us in this picture, she's still lovely.

Making our way back coz Mcdo finally arrived.
After the drinks last night....we needed food to sustain us. lol.

One last hurrah before I end this post.

And so, we are truly GUILTY for being too sexy.
We won't even deny it thru these pictures.
Can't wait for August 14! :)
(hopefully it'll be almost complete na by then)

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