A Message from Above.

Because, apparently, some people read this blog, so I might as well post announcements here as well! This is regarding the GREEN GIANT FM Auditions this coming Saturday. :)


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for taking interest in being part of Green Giant FM! Just a gentle reminder, the interviews/audition s are already on July 25.09! Don't forget to submit your application forms (can be downloaded in the File Section of this Y!Group) on or before July 24,2009 (Friday), 5PM. Leave your application forms (complete with requirements) sealed in a brown envelope at the Green Giant FM Studio-Front Desk (Rm. 504, Velasco Bldg)
For July 25, here is the Schedule for the day: ** 9AM-12NN (NonDJ/Team Members Applicants) - Interview for Non-DJ/Team Positions(for those who can't make it on July 25, can schedule their interview to be between July 27-July 31; provided a justifiable excuse is given)

** 1:30PM-5PM (DJ Applicants) - Audition-Workshop for DJ Applicants (this cannot be rescheduled; the DJ auditions will be workshop format so applicants need to be there starting 1:30PM)

WHAT TO BRING (For ALL Applicants): - Ballpen/Paper
Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to approach any Green Giant FM team member. Thanks and hope to see you all on July 25!

O.I.C. Creatives/Programmi ng Director
Member, Board of Trustees
Green Giant FM


So there you have it. To those who are interested, don't hesitate. AUDITION AND BE A PART OF DLSU RADIO!!!

Now in other news, my outfit that broke a bunch of rules again.

Zara blazer, UniQlo 'Give Me Peace' tee, 168 high waisted shorts, 168 grey shoes

So obviously those shorts aren't allowed anymore.

But why does it always feel that despite the ridiculous banners, posters and tarpaulins hanging all over school regarding the dress code, no one's really bothering to check except those who know the dress code by heart.

It's absolutely-friggin-ridiculous!

Not to mention it builds the paranoia. And cynicism. lol.
(cynicism because other girls wants to wear shorts like these -- well whatever because the next day they do, etchos!)

Well, it's not like I'm not grateful about this... it's just, why impose a friggin dress code if no one's even going to check on it?
Diba? Do they just want people subordinate to them go crazy like that?

You know what? Just join Green Giant FM, friends!!! Just do it. Don't even think about it. Just go! July 25, people!!!

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