Affairs on a Rainy Thursday...

Last Thursday. MOA after classes.
A little mini-celebration after a weeklong of making 10million papers for our majors.

A first date out wit my new classmate-friends!
They're an awesome bunch, I think I'm falling in love wit them. Lol.
They're cute, smart and so, so awesome to talk to!

We were supposed to watch HP but... that didn't work out well.
So we drank! @ Dencio's. Gerry's Grill, iono, I forgot. lol. It was supposed to be Hooters, but.... we were drowning in the rain already, we couldn't go on anymore!

I got hungry so to SBARRO we went.
I so love it there!

Me and Pilar.
FYI, this girl is a crazy cute genius.

Since we somehow got to the topic of 'religion' and that my 3 foreigner-looking amigos apparently still go to church...
....we kind of all...
prayed together.

LOL. no seriously we did. Pilar said a spontaneous prayer and we all prayed together!
It was a first time for all.
like in the history of being kada friends wit anyone we've ever had in our lives.

Paulo and Andrew.
why are they giving my camera a 'wtfh' look?

I want to go backkkk...

Next off, we went to drink by the Bay. Gosh. Signal no.2 much?

I hate that much shoes always get ruined in the rain now.
Thank God for my 'Singing in the Rain' umbrella.


My beer. Strong Ice.
I drank 1/4 of the damn bottle. and I didn't even finish that glass.
I know.. someone PLEASE congratulate me for not getting drunk (I had to board that evening kc... i DO NOT want to be drunk on air, no effin' way).

Pilar and Drew had like... iono, 1/4 of vodka-on-the-rocks-whatever-they ordered...
It wasn't even drinking!!!
But we were all happy to bond and share life stories and just connect and all.

One commonality we all have is: WE ARE ALL STARS!!!
Stars, meaning, we've got like HUGE things going on now. We are busy, busy people (well not really, but we have our own thing going on right now)
I am a campus DJ for GGFM.
Pilar is a JJ for Magic.
Paulo is a theater actor -- like a real one, people!
Andrew is this awesome photographer.

P.S. where did Mark go in the pictures? :(

Rushed to school, said 'bye bye' to my new friends and made it on time for my show, The Green Light District.

Apparently, Bryan had some G&W problems and I'm a lifesaver because I brought my SLR.
We got kind of carried away.

You'll see as you scroll down.

DJ Bryan.
He says he's submitting that to Green&White.

Here comes the full on, mini photoshoot.

We were posing everywhere, Bryan was like thinking of ways on how to make the pictures nicer, more 'dynamic' (turn off the lights here, leave the lights on there, let's see the effect). I'd be like, 'oh how about these chairs? Act mataray, okay?'

So I present to you: THE GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT, TTH, 7 - 9 pm!
People tune in via GreenGiantFM.

Bryan's Profile Shots.

My profile shots.

I honestly hope I DO NOT get FIRED for doing this.
The chairs are fine, btw!!!


I swear it's the place to be! I love this org. I'm happy here. And I have no problems when I go here.

See? That's another awesome thing about GG. ♥

This is Bryan trying to imitate the boss, Kuya Raffy, when he does the meetings.

Although, I don't think Kuya does hand gestures like that....

Okay, so maybe that's how Bryan'll be when he holds his own meetings sometime in the near future?...

Bryan mode. :p


See we have ALOT of spontaneous fun on air AND off air.
(i know we kinda went alittle overboard wit the photoshoot, but you can't control vanity...)

Auditions are this SAT, July 25, 2009.
Join: greengiantrecruitment@yahoogroups.com for Application form + other details regarding recruitment!
Deadline of applications are Friday, July 24, 2009.
Submit in a short brown envelope @ V504, GGFM Studio.

See you all, sat!

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