Reading Between the Lines.

I was passing by the SPS building the other day when I saw this.

I thought, 'wow, they've got a new thing goin' on. That's cool'.
And then I kind of remembered my time back when I was still an official certified CAO.

Honestly, I don't really miss it. LOL.
(oh come on, I know people don't really miss me either lolol)
But it's been a rollercoaster is all I can say.
So that was cool. :)

I still get to be wit the family I got to know and love
and we're a tight little bunch.
We're like the hottest people in town, so I've got nothing more to ask for.

Besides, I kind of really love where I am now.

GREENGIANT is awesome. We've got that whole Radio Revolution thing going on. :)


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