The Germans have Returned to Shore!

Friday. 072409.
Photography Camp [sponsored by TEAMCOMM]
9-12 pm @ Legazpi Village, Makati.

Had to get up real early because we had to leave Taft together in a van. I only had like - what? - 3-4 hours of sleep this day coz I was busy studying for GGFM.
Gosh. I swear I love that radio station waayyy too much, it's not healthy no more. lol.

Saw Drew Naval earlier on our way to Mcdo -- HE'S ALIIIVEE!!!! -- and I'm just amazed at how things have turned out because of annoying misunderstandings and annoying people.
He sooo doesn't deserve that.
But fine, whatever. you know? He's doing good, kahit paano.

He is NOT crazy, he may a 'troubled youth' like the rest of us, but come on. Seriously. Not him.

Anyway, moving on.
Photogcamp. Nadine was late. Came in extremely short shorts and was mistaken for a model.
I love her hair.

I love the studio shots!
Apparently flash has it's benefits sometimes. [see below]
I should totally get those trigger thingies.

Starting out with Dannyboy.
I missed this guy.

adine Profile Shots.


PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Marika Callangan
Models: Nadine Baligod & Monica Villarica

Profile Shots.
PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Monica Villarica and Nadine Baligod


HOTOGRAPHED BY: Nadine Baligod.


PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Monica Villarica.

PHOTOGRAPHED By: Monica Villarica and Nadine Baligod.
Edited by: Marika Callangan.

Love this!
The pictures are awesome! I love the lighting and all.

I want another studio photoshoot since I now kind of know how it goes.
Team Fab? Let's? lol.

Anyway, today consisted of taking that extremely hard exam, a near-tears moment in GG, another photoshoot for G&W -- which btw I did NOT like -- I'm already dreading the yearbook as they made me look FAT and my hair sucked. I hate the makeup artist.


In other news, my Germanic/Filipino cousins have finally arrived the Philippines!!!
My God! It's been like what? 10 million years since I last saw them!!

They even ended up sleeping over my condo and all! lovett.
I have missed them alot especially Birger -- that is why I couldn't stop making fun of him! lol.

The Fort was ours that night.
Embassy was totally out of the question when we got there.
So Pier One it was!

apparently, I like to chill these days. Or maybe I've just been too tired with midterms, barely sleep nd too much snacks. Oh
But I love my cousins and they wanted to chill to so yay! This was totally perfect. Didn't really catch up as we just mostly talked about random nonsensical weird things + racism in actuality + our pathetic love lives in which all 4 of us got cheated on, I seriously don't believe this. lol.

That's Imke.

Thank God he outgrew his phase.

That's Carl.
What happened to you all these years, friend?

We gave all our money to Pancake House.

That's for Birger.
Seriously, if you're reading this, if you have Facebook, please do ADD me.
thank you. :)
I mean that. If you dont, I will go to Germany and haunt you down and all. lol.

Yeah, they're awesome.love them. missed them so much.
Bible TV @ 3am in the morning.

Imke is so funny. lol. Catoir. lol.

Till the next time we see each other!
(please do call before you leave for Germany k?)

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