Michel Klein cardigan, Forever21 top, H&M bandage skirt, Mango aviator shades

072509. Saturday. The BIG D-day.
This day is actually divided.
GG in the morning, 100million dreams in the night (but we'll get on to that later on)

I've been stressing all week for this BIG day. I've been ranting all over FB + Twitter + to all my bosses and friends who have no choice but to listen to me (lol).

My neuroticism has reached new levels and I swear the only thing I can do is dress up like nothing is going on inside of me + either keep quiet or talk my wild imaginations away.

I wanted to have lunch wit my roommate in SEX. So before we went there we just had to stop over in front of the parking lot to take my pictures.
There was trash and everything at both my sides. It's just not so obvious in the pictures.
Kind of funny and very ironic. lol.

@ SEX.

Monica: Sponsor? Spokesmodel for C2? lol.

I imagined this to be for a Water Ad or something. Iono why. lol.

My hair looks blondish in this photo.

After lunch. 130-ish.
Getting ready.
Has become silent now and has resolved to taking pictures.

@ 4-ish.
I feel kind of drained by this time yet I'm still boarding.

Btw, that's the big boss, Raffy.
He makes miracles happen.

And while that's all great and good, I would just like to state that I really don't like that polo.
Second time I've seen him wear it and I just really, really want to just buy him a new one.
No offense, Kuya! :p

Aspiring younglings of GGFM.

DJ Raine.

Honestly, one of the most sensible people I can talk to these days.

I feel like the ultimate 'Ate' when I'm wit her.
I love her.

We will be better, not bitter -- Garcia, 2009.

Hark's having it all good.
Very fahnny nang picture mo, teh!

This day didn't really end as soon as the auditions + deliberations were over but the night was completely TEAM FAB's.
I shall continue all about that in the next post.

Stay tuned.

Jessica Albaniel, the next one's totally for you.

To be continued...


  1. i have already commented on Chictopia abt how i loveee your skirt but i just noticed that your shoes are so cute! hope u dont mind that i'm going link you :)

  2. sure it's no problem. Thank you! :)

  3. just found your blog, love finding manila based bloggers like myself! :)
    awesome skirt, great smile ;)