100 Million Dreams Come True.

Still Saturday. 072509. Night.
Jessica Albaniel's Birthday + Debut @ Palms Country Club.

Kuya Totie and I were so, so late.
Grand entrance I swear, I was still wearing the outfit that I was wearing earlier (see previous post) and as soon as we entered the huge doors, everyone literally turned to look at us.
It was embarrassing.

Anyway, below is an awesome, AWESOME picture of all of us lying and completely owning the staircase.

How things brought us to the staircase, you'll have to see as you go along this extremely long blog.

Tonight was all about vanity, Jessica, eureka moments of tragedy + beauty, gorgeous glammed-up outfits from me & styled by me [lol], too much laughter, good food, owning the dancefloor and random photoshoots in the middle of the ballroom.
I loved every minute of it.

this is one of the best debuts I've ever been too.
To be invited was such a magnanimous honour.

But to start things off: my outfit for the evening.

Glitterati lace dress, People R People heels, Forever21 accessories

No makeup. I literally just changed when I got there.

The debutante.
I swear I love her set. and she seriously embodied Cinderella that night.

with my most gorgeous girls.

Nadine + Gayle sporting my dresses.
Monica styled by yours truly.
Kim's got her own thing going (for now, lol).

And now I shall give a rundown of the awesome people I got to be wit this evening.

1. Totie Martinez
Apparently, I have missed this guy way too much.

Crazy dude, i swear.
Do not threaten us because we are not threatened. -- Martinez, 2009

2. Job Zamora
He is not the quiet little skinny boy I honestly thought he was.

3. Jay Cruz and Danny Moynihan
I think the picture's enough said.

4. Martin [insert last name here]
He was the absolute celebrity of the night.
I mean look at those shades, the blazer, THAT polo.
It just SCREAMS 'I'm a friggin celebrity, take my picture now'.

He is now officially a new trainee of beatboxing. lol.

5. Nadine Baligod
Sporting my H&M floral dress.
- is finally saying FCUK YOU! to all those who screwed her over the past year or so.

An 18 Tinkerbell.
I swear I am the biggest idiot for going empty handed.
But hey! I made a speech about self-worth and being underappreciated and emancipating from that.
Little did I know that speech would totally hit me and everyone in the face later on that evening.

P.S. If you're reading this, seriously my gift to you is that GGFM Extended Auditions! So damnit you seriously better come!

Okay, so before we go on, I would just like to say that I honestly didn't expect this.
That I was shocked to my bones, that I had goosebumps and everything.

Perhaps I too believed that she couldn't really do it. I mean it had been drilled into her over and over for the past year. And she too, believed that she was no-good dancer. Therefore, I kind of believed it too [which makes me a terrible person but.. yeah..]

So I honestly thought that this wouldn't be so great, but hey, this girl is now one of my closest friends and I love her too much that I wouldn't really care whether it sucked or not.

But for God's sake, I seriously did not expect to so effin moved to the point of tears.

Like I watching it - I was her doing all the moves I know I could never do - and that it was so perfect and I was like... fuck. I have been with her in that dance hall for 1 year and this is the first time I'm seeing this shit come from her?! Like where did this come from? WHERE, GOD, WHERE?!

And then, everything from the past year flashed before my eyes and I just friggin broke down and cried!
It didn't help that there was a friggin message in her dancing, neither did the music uplift my spirits. But God, seriously, she was right. That rant that she made to me and Ara in the bathroom a long long time ago totally blew up in my face then.

Everything was so tragic and so beautiful.
I have never seen this girl dance like this until that moment.
I swear.

I love this photo.
She made way too many perfect jumps in my opinion and the song lasted 10 min and I was just crying too much in this number.

Jessica Albaniel, I'm so proud of you, I can't get over it and I cant stop crying.
I swear this was my total 'Ate Rika' moment.
You are seriously my sister. I swear.

Because you don't have to be extremely skinny to dance.
You don't need to be weightless in order to able to pull off those moves.

You don't need to be SKINNY, pale-skinned, long-haired in order to be fucking beautiful.

That word in itself is such a stereotype.

The BEST DRESSED Awardees.
How Kuya Totie landed a spot there is beyond me.

From this line onwards, the vanity of TEAMFAB begins.

We're not at all that beautiful. We're not perfect. Heck, we're not at all that good in the things we do.

But hey, at least we have determination, we work hard at the things we do; we don't need pretend to be someone we're not, we don't try to act things out for the sake of what others might think and we don't let these insecurities take us over.
We don't blatantly backstab people unless they do us, we don't get together for the sake of those people.
We are strong individuals, perfectly capable of critical thinking and reading between the lines.

We're in love with each other because of who we are, not what we have, who we know or what we do.
We're the bestest friends we could ever be and neither dancing nor fashion nor people brought us together.
It just happened. Like magic.
No one started it, it was just like this sisterhood that formed because of who we were as individuals.

We will stick it out with each other till the end of time. And fight in our own little ways in this huge world. And honestly? No matter how much others may bring us down, it may for a little while, but it won't really last for long.
Coz we rise up to all that. I mean look at what this night was all about, what Jessica just shoved right into our faces. Now THAT was a powerful statement thru dance.

The camera just loves us is all.

The party doesn't stop when the debut program ends.
We rocked the dancefloor.
And this is the first debut I've ever been to where everybody actually danced right after.

I seriously should have just aspired to be a singer instead of a dancer. lol.

Zamora, seriously, what's wrong?

Random Photoshoot.
Creative Director: Totie Martinez.
He just suddenly came up and started doing my hair and fixing my pose. lol.

Awesome photo, I swear.

Finally a picture wit Jessica.

After the dancing.
The random photoshoot finally begins.
Apparently, the boys were even more vain than the girls.
They even had one in the damn bathroom!

Then, we took it to the staircase!

Going home. This was in the elevator.

You probably don't like the people you see in this picture, so I'm just so sorry about that.
Chances are, we probably don't like you either.

But we're not going to care.
Coz we have other things in life to worry about.
But thank you for reading this blog.


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