How My Roommate Changed My Life...

Designed by: Marika Callangan

Cool right? And that's just my first set - so it's really nothing much -- for now.
Okay so my roommate, Monica Villarica referred to me this really awesome site where one can create awesome pop-arts out of one's own fashion, interior design or art inspirations! It's called Polvore.com and it's such a really funky site! I'm still trying to get my way around it and exploring but it's really, really fun.
To all those who just love making collages and pop-art about their fashion inspiration, are just really art-sy or just plain bored with their lives, then this is the site for you!

Oh, you can also buy the things you see but they're really expensive because they're branded. lol. But it's really funky I swear.

This is how my roommate changed my life: She also kept urging me to start on LOOKBOOK. So I did but I don't really want to use it yet coz, 1. I seriously cannot figure out my way around there as easily as Chictopia; so complicated, my goshness! 2. I'm really not confident in displaying my style there - yet - coz other than the fact that your fashion sense must be stylish enough to qualify, your photos must be artistically done as well. Whether it's how you take it or how you edit the photo-- whatever, it's just got to be really artistic -- artsy-fartsy. REALLY artsy, as in.

I was thinking I'd officially start LOOKBOOK-ing after I formally take photography classes - at least I know something or have something decent to show to the public - but that's a long time from now and my roommate is telling to be more confident and is really urging me to LOOKBOOK.

I'll see. Trying to figure out my way around there. But it's like this labyrinth of fashionistas and fashion icons and whatnot. Amazing and challenging as well.

And that is how my roommate changed my life.
She's pushing me to be more fashion forward slash fashion confident.
I feel so grateful.
Awesome, I love my roommate.

Styled by: Marika Callangan
Event: Jessica Albaniel's 18.

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