The Morning After.

Previously on Projectrika.

100 Million Dreams Come True for Jessica Albaniel and TEAMFAB.

The morning brings the rain and much surprises such as...

Yours truly, the ultimate nerd.
[those glasses aren't originally mine, so don't ask me where I got them. I just picked it up on the floor the day before and now I just can't part with them!]

geeky glasses fr. an old friend, tee bought fr. Aeon Laketown, Roxy denim miniskirt, Chuck Taylor's, beanie bought fr. Aeon Laketown

Gayle slept over our place. We had little heart-to-heart before we finally went to bed @ 3AM.
The next thing I know, it's raining hard outside and it's 1230 PM. Monica was already up.

It's like we all got drunk the night before and the next day, we all had this hangover of some sort.
Gosh, the only drink I know we all took in was ICED TEA.
Perhaps, it was the dancing and the camwhoring and the laughing.
Well, it was a fun, fun night.
Thank you Jessica!

We still haven't had breakfast and Monica wanted to have an "adventure" since it was raining; I didn't want to order or cook anymore either.
First option was walking to HP.
But Gayle said it's dangerous there on Sundays.
So RP it was!
Although that place still gives me the heebie-jeebies because of that terrifying thing that happened to me there over a year ago.

We left the condo 3PM just to eat breakfast.

The RP Masters leading the way.

Monica. :))

[Insert background music here]
Season of Love - Shiny Toy Guns

DL people!

Jason Cruz.
Our official photographer for the day.

Where we had our late brunch.
Nothing expensive but good food and served in humongous chunks.

Fiesta na, mga chong!
[totally off when it comes from me, lol]

Dairy Queen for dessert.

Mon and I were arguing about DQ's having set meals and whatnot.
I kind of lost that argument BIGTIME. lol.
[no, duh]

I am an idiot.
I have sore throat and had one of them DQ's.
I couldn't resist. RAWR. It was just too good.

Ultimate chicas!

Who's that girl?
I swear I look so different in glasses.

Villarica attempting the moonwalk in front California Nails & Day Spa.

Iono if my silliness is seriously rubbing off on her or what, but yeah.....

Starring: 2105

Since it was feel-nerd day, we ended up in Powerbooks to check out what's in store.

[No, we actually do read alot. Especially Jay. Gosh. I, however, have lost my way along the months and have forsaken reading, but I do intend to go back in the literally world soon - it's been too long and I have missed reading way too much]

Gayle modelling her new laptop case from Powerbooks.

Yes, Mon? :p

After we went to ToysRUs to check out Barbie [us chicas] and robots and other boy things [Jay].
This is what we found:

I love her wall. I want a wall like that.
I swear, where did all my Barbie's go to?

Before we left RP, we stopped by NB and found a really interesting, intriguing book.

Does this apply to you?
[laughter ensues]

Well, that's it folks!
It's always good to start your day late and to drunge down tremendously from time to time.
I think the only thing that was missing from this day was warm coffee but I think DQ was a good replacement.

Ta-ta my chicas!

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