062509 (sat): ABSINTH (apparently there are MANY MANY pronounciations of this word), GB3.
The first frosh party that we (Riley, Alven, Kris and me) hosted together. aww...
We bonded. Arrived at 430-ish. Met at Coffee Bean. Walked around GB. Went to ZARA, SuperSALE land. Riley bought shorts, I wanted shoes. :(

we didnt get to host till like 10pm. but it was a fun, fun night. Kris Baylon showed his true colors tonight and apparently has alot to tell the world. HE should write a book. Or an autobiography entitled, "The Random Monotone of Funky."

Tonight was also the RETURN OF THE FALLEN.
aka. Kuya Raffy and Kuya Fred. They finally showed up after being gone so long!!
(why do people love LOA so much? Crazy).

Why do Kris and I look so high so early in the evening?

*thought bubble*
Kris: WTF.
Alven: What is wrong with him?

Alven is cut. Kris looks high. I look psychotic.
Only Riley looks perfect here.

We're gorgeous.
We know.

The Hand Of Kris Baylon.

R1-R2 moments. :)

Good to know that there is life after 10million hours of work + 2 mos disappearance from the earth.

We missed you, Kuya Raffy!
(not your smoking though. Hope all the smoking stations run out of cigarettes soon tlga)

Awww... Kuya Fred.
We're a gorgeous pair. We two.
(god. we are like the vainest people you'll ever get to know!)

I want Kuya Fred's oversized vest!

The Kris vs Raffy saga begins here.
@ McDonalds.
Seriously it's the place to be.

Look at that.
Cant you just see the word 'EVIL' plastered all over that psychotic-ish smile?

Prolly bitching at each other here.

Says: wtfh.

Says: I'm so evil, I could CRUUUSH you.

To conclude, it was a really fun night. Nice to see familiar people after terrible ordeals in life.
Oh and also nice to see LIVE! Entertainment coming from someone different.
May your sarcasm never fail to make us laugh, nor may it ever die. Or else we all might.

ProjectRika @ a Kodak moment.