When She Goes Lo-ka.

(G.U. grey top, H&M pink bandage skirt, Fuddyduddy shoes)

outfit for Monday.
I have finally decided that no matter what I will wear that skirt to school, no matter how short it is!
Besides people have been breaking the rules recently. Lots of shorts, flipflops. So why cant?

Missing in this outfit is my black blazer.
Wore it when I watched Transformers 2 in MOA with jess after my one and only class.
NOTE: almost died going there because the cab driver is so so... GOD. Doesnt anyone know how to drive RIGHT in this country?
Saw images of Michael Jackson as we were speeding our way along traffic and almost bumping into a gazillion cars that looked 10 times bigger than ours.
I really thought I'd be seeing him and not make it to the movie anymore.


Nyway, moving on. Let us forget about my outfit for awhile as concentrate on the more important things of this blog as you continue scrolling down the page.

Exhibit A: Monica Villarica
Relationship: Roommate, ex-jazzmate, friend, all that.

Very vain noh?
She used to have long curly hair. But now, that apparently no longer exists anymore.

If you wanna be... my lover...

you gotta get with my friends...

From my observation today, I think she aspires to be a singer tlga.
Not a dancer.
I think she could excel at both.
Dont you think? LOL.


And that concludes this blog.

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NOTE: These pictures were NOT taken by me, but by Jessica ALBAYNAYL.

I just blog. after all, 'it's my camera! it's my cameeeraaaaahhh!!!'
Ask Jess for that story next time. lol.

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