4 Weeks...

...till it's goodbye Manila, hello Tokyo all over again!
I am counting the days.

Autumn has finally arrived here (well, technically there) and the fall collections have begun to take over the stores and cause a new items & pieces to rave about.

What I'm excited about:

Source: H&M.com
I'm so ECSTATIC at that the thought of making it to their latest fall collections!

Source: Forever21.
Because when H&M is its neighbor, you'll surely never forget to stop by this awesome deluxe store.
Can't wait to get back there!

My favorite ramen place.
This will be the first thing I'll do as soon as I land.

Seriously, I have been lost without Ramen for 3 months!

Posing in the hallways again slash posing in the middle of Ginza in order to capture my outfits of the day.

Of course my dear mother (and father; but his picture is lost in translation somewhere).

I've missed them too. I've missed the beautiful healthy weather too.

Excited for the Friday night dinners and the lunch hours I'll be having with my mom and visiting her office; OH and Tita Ruth!

4 more weeks of school hell, cold frontiers and dreaming of the promised land and then it's goodbye Manila, hello Tokyo for me.

In the meantime, I shall busy myself with studies, fashion and Manila Design Week starting tomorrow.

If this were LiveJournal, my mood would be ECSTATIC. [obviously. LOL].

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  1. gotta love h&M, in all its forms. your ensemble is adorable, im always an advocate of knitted berets - with your look it's perfection.

    - nadia