Of Studio Tours and Late Nights Out.

Zara blazer, Forever 21 white tank, H&M skirt, fringe heels

I bought that blazer a day before this studio tour to ABS-CBN (which is btw one of the biggest television networks here in the Philippines). It was on sale and I swear when I entered ZARA, while waiting for my Germanic cousins to arrive in GB, I didn't think I'd buy anything.
But then I saw it among the racks; that is actually L-size. And I didn't care.
I seriously just want an over-sized blazer, blue, etc. It was perfect.

This was seriously love.

You know those imperfect love affairs you experience at one point in your lives?
That kind of love.

I couldn't let the moment go.
therefore, with all desperation I made a frantic call to Tokyo and asked my lovely mother if I could buy the blazer; I was on the brink of tears asking slash begging her if I could get it.
At long last, she said the magical word.

I love blazers. My love for blazers is honestly beyond words.
I can't even live without a day of wearing them. LOL.
I want all colors.
Black, red, pink (baby and hot pink), yellow, beige, brown, grey, EVERY COLOR OF BLAZERS THERE IS OUT THERE.

Anyway, enough about blazer and more on this post.
ABS-CBN studio tour.
This was actually an alternative class for a broadcasting subj. (so cool right?)
Ended up having to watch Ruffa & Ai.
Saw how things go live while a show is being taped and whatnot. Saw some celebrities. Ended up having that 5-sec moment on TV (which I saw yesterday btw -- I swear that BLUE completely stands out. Whether it was a wrong move or not, I am not sure lol). Saw how the actual studios are (what you see on TV is not actually what's reality).

Oh, and they starved us for an entire afternoon before they finally let us go.

The set of Ruffa&Ai.

She reminds me of Emmy Rossum.

An entire audience full of Lasallians.

Ruffy and Aiai.
Super funny si Ai! God, all her hirits are so crazy! Love her.
Ruffa is too prim & proper.

SPOTTED: Chica girl of the day.

iono what they're trying to do here but I do like her outfit.
Oh and her shoes! Totally awesome.

There was a special prize and my classmate won...


And now we call her, TOCINO Queen.
That's a lifetime support of Tocino, I swear.

Inside the ABS-CBN News Center.

Check me out, I'm on the telly! lol.
That's how news anchors can see themselves. there are television screens everywhere in this studio.

After finally eating a full-blown meal, Mark's house was the way to go.

Drinks and chills @ Tomas Morato.

That below is Mark.
They're all rockstars. Now I wanna be a rockstar.

Blazer girls.


Says: Aint' I beautiful?

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  1. hi I laughed when i read the tocino part. Did your classmate just win tocino??? hahaha. anyway yes blazers are really beautiful, they bring simple outfits a twist :) you look really cute :)