Back in the 'Disturbia' game face.

Source: MTV.com

A new MTV MusicVideo Pick: 'Run This Town' - Jay Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West.

Rihanna is sooo back to her old self.
It's like Chris Brown never happened.
And mon Dieu, I am so hooked on this video.

You will spot:

The fierce nails, the gorgeous jewelry that pops out every now and then, that extremely unique hoodie that makes her looks like she's the next Cleopatra, that netting over Riri's eyes -- honestly the most captivating element in the whole video; too much black with splashes of gold, sunglasses reminiscent of Lady GaGa, the scary hats and bandanas only them true ghettos can pull off.

The whole 5 minutes just screams FIERCE.

Check out the video, it is truly awesome!
Gotta love this trio, I swear.

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