The Rulebook.

I am an idiot.
Let's just start with that.

This year's Manila Design Week (August 8 - 15, 2009) centers on the theme 'Graphic Design Moves'. It's a week long line up events showcasing artworks by collaborating artists held at different creative spots here in the Metro.

Interesting right?

The event that I went to was the one on August 10 entitled Creative Collaboration, a fashion photography exhibit to be held at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5, 8 PM - 11 PM. This event features artworks by 40 of the biggest names in fashion and design. Grouped in 8 teams, all explore the theme of 'Beautiful Functional'.
Basically, this exhibit is all about incorporating graphic design into fashion editorials taking it to a whole new creative level.

Cool right?
So, of course, being the intellectual person that I am, I went.

Welcome to Greenbelt 5.

It's seriously the best mall there is now.
I love Rockwell but... GB5 is really awesome!

Anyway, okay so point of this whole blog is the event I mentioned earlier... well...

Okay, so I've obviously never really known what Manila Design Week is, I've never gone to one before, whatnot. But I saw the posters and campaigns the week before and thought, 'Wow, why not check things out for a change? Be more aware, be more.. etc.'
And of course, the event I chose to go to involved fashion.

However, although I pondered the time limit written on the schedule, I did not think the worst of it (because really, why would an exhibit have a time limit? Since I've never gone to an MDW event, I thought, 'okay, maybe it'll only be shown for 1 night only so I really can't miss it).
I simply thought that it would be like going to an opening of an art museum, quietly checking out the artwork, maybe take a couple of pictures, be inspired, all that.

So, 1. I went by myself and 2. I just wore what I had worn to school, meaning I did not bother to dress up, put on makeup, whatever. In fact, I was wearing: a plain white shirt, checkered gray short pants, my FuddyDuddy wedges. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis either.
Basically, I was sporting a really casual laid back look, coz well I honestly thought I'd just check out the exhibit, no harm would be done.

When I get there....
Just look what I find...

Mon Dieu.
I wanted to die.

A FASHION party no less.
With all the beautiful people there.
No wonder the time limit on the effin' schedule.

OH! Did I mention that everyone who was there had a friend along or at least knew someone?

*pulls at hair now*

Okay so what I did, I tried to blend in with the photographers there...
They were wearing BLACK and I was in WHITE.

What I did next:

I saw they were serving wine.
I missed out on the free buffet but whatever.
I wanted to blend in, so I went up to the waiters serving wine, said: 'Waiter, may I have some wine?' They totally filled up my glass so I downed it all in one go. I was a little tipsy at that, so that gave me courage to talk to people about the silliest lies ever and ask them if I could take pictures of them.

In conclusion, I did love the artworks even though half the time I was looking, I felt like I was dying inside.


Found this. READ IT.

SPOTTED: Chica-nistas of the evening.

Whoever she is, she's my ultimate fave of the night.

and i didn't even know...*

Will you please look at her NECKLACE?
*in love with it*
I love everything about her. whoever she is.

MY FAVE ARTWORKS from Creative Collaboration:

They're really spectacular and I find them really exceptional and super creatively done.
I'm so inspired.
At least some good things do come out of the bad.

With that I shall impart with 5 Rules that should, if ever you find yourself in a stupid situation like how I did, hopefully guide you for the rest of your life.

Rule #1: Never, for the love of God, go to ANY event UNDERDRESSED.
Better overdressed than under, I say.

Rule #2: Always pack a God damn make up kit.

Rule #3: If an event says something FASHION, make sure you dress up for it.

Rule #4: Wine helps. So drink all you can.

Rule #5: If you didn't bring a friend along, lie your way through the crowd. Do not bail, do not fucking break down in the middle, YOU CAN DO IT.

In addition, just TRY TO HAVE FUN even though you're dying. Do whatever you must.

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  1. OMG you go girl!! i love the indomitable spirit! :)

  2. daammnn that was insane! btw, I saw you at Town yesterday! (Sunday) In Powerbooks :P hahaha!

  3. woah looks like funnn! love all the leather/black

  4. liz is my new shero. that necklace is amazing. and rule #1 my rule for life. :>