iStyle till 620 AM.

One of my big dreams in life is to become a stylist.
It feels great knowing that people can come up to you, ask you for your opinion and trust you to help them with a fashion problem.

And then, there's always a plus of rummaging through heaps of closets, clothes and accessories and picking out the best of that heap and dressing up people.
I like that thrill.

So in comes my gorgeous TEAM FAB girlies.
They've got this CAO Awards thing going on with the theme "FASHION RUNWAY".
Unfortunately, unlike the previous years when I was there, this year's CAO Awards will only be held at the Sports Complex.
[iono what happened I swear]
Then they've got like this "twist" or whatnot. Each CAO group should have one in order to qualify for "Best Dressed".
So the twist for Jazz is either belt or suspenders, Street: gloves, Innersoul: some arm accessory, HTG: Necklace, GMG: scarf or necklace, Chorale: ring, etc etc.

Honestly, I don't get it.
"Twists" shouldn't be just accessories. Coz those are easy to find, easy to put on.
"Twists" are supposed to be along the lines of a theme or aesthetic like, say, perhaps... lace and/or leather, florals, sheer, a vintage feel with a modern trend, funky with basic, Balmain [coz that in itself is a specification now lol], flirty + fierce.

Iono, that's just my little opinion.
I'm no longer part of that department.
Whatever works for them! :)

BUT ANYWAY, point is, my girlfriends were having trouble so I gladly assisted them.
Here are the final results:
(it also helps that they have amazing pieces, whether branded or thrifted! i love it! such variety is always fun!)

Style File #1: Monica Villarica
The girl who has too much good stuff on her side of the closet but never bothers to wear them.
[I fixed that side of the closet btw, lol]

Style File #2: Gayle Peneranda
This girl just screams, "LET'S GET LOOSE!" She's been too stressed and a night out is prolly what she needs... or so we thought... but we'll get to that later. lol.

Style File #3: Nadine Baligod
All I can say is "PRAISE THE LORD".
[please don't kill me after reading this]

They look so great, I'm so proud!

I also gave them the request of using my camera to take fabulous pictures and document the whole event!
Safe to say, my girls didn't fail when it came to that area.

See below:

Style Files #4 + #5:

1st pic (left): Ikat Gallardo - blazer from Ukay Ukay, top from Mango, black gloves from Robinson's Place Department Store, vintage shorts, shoes from Janylin

2nd pic (right) - Trish Deluria - blazer from Ukay Ukay, white rocker tee from Topshop, thrifted skirt, fishnet stocking from SM Department Store, shoes from Cinderella

Style File #6: Lucky Calip
The hottest of them all.
I heard she just designed that skirt and had it made by her tailor [great tailor, lucky her].
I just love her outfit! Super fun & flirty!

They have photoshoots anywhere. Super lovett.

SPOTTED: Chica girls of the night!

Numero uno: Alexis Bautista (right).

Du: Steffi [middle]
screams, "HOT!" I swear I did not recognize her!

And the Hottest Couple Award goes to....

Love them both, they're awesome and super cute for each other!

More from the "Drop Everything and Shoot Anywhere" Photoshoot they did that night.


I present to you the most STYLISH of them ALL...
which is...


One last before they go.

Alright, so here's the part where things get really interesting because from 9 PM onwards, I'm finally in the story. LOL.

So after the CAO Awards, Gayle and I really planned to go out. It was Friday night after all, so why not party?
We were supposed to meet with Monica in GB5, but she was apparently in GB3 having dinner with the fam, so we decided to explore the 5th for a bit.
Gotta love that mall I swear.

Zara blazer, lace innerwear, G.U. high waist skirt, 168 belt, fringe heels

Well since everyone was on a 'dresscode' that night, I might as well join the bandwagon right? LOL.
Plus since "innerwear as outwear" is such a fad now, I thought, why not try it this evening since I can't do that in school? So there.
It worked, I think. 'Work' meaning I don't look too trashy.

Gayle: A natural born model.

Funky stores we saw:

Anthem is another store where Mich Dulce holds her designs, so I've heard.
I love Mich Dulce.
She's different and really funky and I like that.
Will formally enter this store soon.

Dinner in Bubba Gump.

And that's Greenbelt for you! Lovett so much there.
It's either Greenbelt or Rockwell.
Fort is for dining + Fully Booked.

So anyway, here's the story: Gayle decides her birthday wasn't so great so why not do a Round 2 this evening in Empire Superclub, Ortigas? All about dancing and letting loose and just having fun.
Evan came like super late [which is not really a surprise anymore] and Monica couldn't go anymore coz of her family.
So the trio [NOTE: again me and Evan are paired up again] take the cab and fly to Ortigas.

DISCLAIMER: For the love of God, I do not smoke!
That's Evan's cig and I was just joking around.
pretty lights tho my face says WTFAID.

That's Kuya Decky below: inspirational love leader of all time.

So seems like a happy bunch right? It's like 1230 AM and the party hasn't even officially started yet.

So then, the Prince arrives [since me and Evan are single, this would refer to Gayle's prince, lol] and Gayle steps out for a minute and when they return, Tension #1 is in the air.
[I shall label it in order to avoid confusion, lol]

Iono what happened and I kinda didn't wanna ask but whatever it was, it went away for awhile when the official party FINALLY started.

At 230 AM, it's all great, we're dancing, having fun, pushing people of the stage coz they were hogging space (at least mine, ugh so annoying!)
Then one little moment of rest, something goes wrong and everything just blows up right then and there.
I was sitting and I could see everything on my friend's face. Tension #2.
Again, the "trigger" of everything was me and Evan. Unbelievable. That's Strike 2.

Right. so basically there was a lot of 'tensions' happening that evening [- morning - iono] but it was really bad, like one of those moments you're just really not allowed to just laugh off.
It was damn serious like an earthquake was occuring and we were the only ones feeling it.

Me and Evan ended up sobering up in Starbuck [the biggest Starbucks I've ever seen perched on a hill], it's like 4 AM and Gayle and the Prince were still at it somewhere down there.
We had no idea.

The result was this:

Why she loves taking sleeping pictures of me is just beyond my comprehension.
But anyway, we basically both died.
Kuya Decky and Francis came along, woke us up and chatted with Evan a little. I was just dead.

420 AM. Texted the couple we were leaving. we thought they'd prolly be fine after and could go home on their own.
425 AM. They tell us to wait and they were on their way to Starbucks.
430 AM. They arrive. My friend Gayle was, what I would term, "floating" like in a really scary way. You'd be worried too if you were there.

I've lost track of the time but summary of this is, discussion ensues, friends were caught in the middle, I saw the sun rising.

I was in the middle of nowhere and the sun was rising.
At some point along the serious discussion taking place just across me, my entire being just drifted away for a moment and just sat there completely in awe with everything that was happening.
I mean come on! Even with midterms and stress, I was still able to get some sleep!
That night, NOTHING at all! [napping for 15 min is not really counted!]
I've also never really stayed out of my home for a whole night... LITERALLY.


See? Even my mind was floating as serious things were happening before me.
I was just really amazed. Coz that's NEVER happened to me before.
Like I'm not some simple trash party girl who never goes home. This was so unexpected.
Plus we never really thought this would happen.
In my mind, a part of my brain was thinking "coooll..." and the other was thinking, "SHIT! THE SUN IS COMING UP! wtfh is going on? *weeps now*"

It helped that I had a phone and I could rant to my still-asleep friends from different parts of the Metro, lol.

Kuya Decky though said some really inspiring things at the end [this was 530-ish AM, i think] that made me think, "WOAH, are you a psych major?"
So dead by then. lol.

We went home at 620 AM.
Felt so bad for my friend though. She looked terrible. I let her stick around the apartment till 12 NN.

Thank God everything got fixed after a while.

Although this was a new experience, I don't want another repeat. lol.

Next time, me and Evan will just NOT come. :)) We seem to be the magnet of all things trouble apparently.
We love you guys and you're awesome. So keep it that way.
Chill, relax, raise that hand!

It's all good.

Brought to you by:
The Dream Team [sans Ara]


  1. I've seen Lucky before in school and all I can say is that she is oozing with confidence. Kudos to her for being so fierce in those photos!

  2. I have no idea how I came across your blog but you need to know that I beg to disagree. No harm intended but I think the Nadine girl's the hottest and not to mention the prettiest. Her charm is different. And the cutest couple? Are they still together? Coz from what I heard the guy's girlfriend daw is really hot and she's tall also but I don't find your friend Lucky to be the one I'm hearing about. Anyway I like your videos! =)