The Easiest Way to Go....

... is to put on a dress and throw a blazer over.

Zara blazer, Topshop salmon dress shirt, fringe heels, yellow belt fr. Monica Villarica

First off, I'd like to give credit to my roommate, Monica Villarica, because that dress shirt isn't actually mine, it's hers. She just left for Cebu, I thought I had nothing to wear so I borrowed her clothes.
For 2 days now I've been wearing nothing but Monica Villarica.

Second, whenever you're sick (which I have been for this past week), dressing up would feel like such a huge drag. The thought of the effort of putting on jeans which are so darn heavy is just too much for me. It requires to much effort and when you're sick, you don't feel like doing the combos (e.g. jeans + top + whatever else you want to add to that, or skirt + top + etc).

Therefore, the only way to go is a dress, which requires only the swishing of a piece of clothing over your body. 1 go and you're all set.
But dresses are too simple and no matter how sick I am, I still want to look decent enough for the public.
So I thought, why not just throw in that blazer? So I did. And it looks right.

I swear I've been wearing that blazer all week now. It needs to be dry cleaned soon slash I need to get a new one (pink blazer from Topshop) or I need to get my white one fixed at some high-end expensive tailoring shop (know any?)
But I love blazers. Too much they're so close to being my trademark.
If I can get all the colors, then it will be.

P.S. To all those who auditioned in Green Giant, AWESOME job! And thank you!!! Good luck!

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