Inspiration of the Week: Serena VanderWoodsen.

Gossip Girl Season 3 set.

I think it's enough said.
It's the hair, the eyes, her height, her entire look, that dress but most importantly,
the shoes.

Now tell me, where can we find that kind of a blue?
Because I definitely want a pair.

Her character is annoying sometimes, but we have to admit:
She's gorgeous.

Meanwhile, here in Manila, where life is currently taking place, it's been raining on and off ever since Cory Aquino died.
This was my outfit on Saturday (080109), I was bored and decided to do a show for GreenGiant.
P.S. tune in via our website GreenGiantFM.dlsu.edu.ph

I wore heels in the rain.
Even I can't believe it.
I totally survived.

Topshop top, H&M spaghetti top, G.U. denim jeans, fringe heels

Again, the top is not mine but Monica Villarica's.
I've been sporting her clothes all week.


  1. those blue shoes are from zara :) unfortunately they're from last season so I doubt it if they have any left

  2. you mean from summer season or from last winter??! because I want them and I live in Argentina... there are a lots of zara stores.. so may be if they are from the summer season I could get them!!!