My roommate is going to kill me.

Every Mondays and Wednesdays, I only have 1 class which is at 420pm.
Therefore, I'm stuck all day in my little apartment while my roommate whiles away somewhere in Taft slash school.

I get tamad to ask people out to lunch (they prolly cant coz of class) so I really am stuck by myself on these days.
I get bored, of course (because yeah, sometimes Facebook really isn't enough to keep you going all day, LOL).

Here in 2105 there is this couch that I am absolutely attached to.
Every morning, I'd get up from my bed and transfer to the couch and sleep there.
It's become a habit.
I'm always lounging on the couch, it's become my official laptop spot here in the condo..
and basically, I am an avid user of this couch.
(Monica bought this couch for us by the way, so it's technically hers, therefore this is kind of ironic that I end up using it more, lol).

One particular day, I got really bored with my life and decided to try something different.
Combine an SLR, a couch and a vain person and this is what you get.

Et voila!

I call it "Scavenger"
this is really my attire at home.

There are a bunch of pictures but I shall not post them no more. lol.

However, I did get dressed up earlier than I was supposed to and decided to take it to the couch.

Terrible shot, I know but let's ignore that part lol.
I think my roommate's gonna kill me because my shoes are totally tampering the precious couch.

I cleaned it off! I swear!

Anyway, the outfit of the day.

Forever21 ruffled top, silver belt fr. Monica Villarica, G.U. pencil skirt, 168 ballet flats, thrifted necklace

I swear I love those nerdy glasses and they love me. lol.
I thought the business-casual attire look would be for that day.
Apparently it was not.

Oh well I was basically bored to death and needed to dress up anyway.

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