A Little Tribute to our Beloved Former President.

Cory Aquino.
The Republic of the Philippines Former President.
A symbol of this country's democracy and faith in God.

August 1, 2009.
The day she passed away from this world.
It hasn't stopped raining ever since.

She was the country's First Woman President.
A destiny no one expected her to embark on, even herself, yet she took it and held on to the Lord for strength and she survived her term as the Unexpected President and brought forth a legacy no one will ever forget (EDSA 1, People Power Revolution, the event in 1986 the brought the whole world to their knees - an actual historical event of what happened in 'V for Vendetta [last part of the movie]).
She brought forth the first ever peaceful transition of power in years.
She brought forth democracy in a time when freedom had been nothing more than fragmented dream for the Filipinos.

Truth be told, there are many similarities between the President we have today and the Former President during those Dark Times.
They're both women, they both had several coup d'etats (Cory - 7, Arroyo - 3) during their terms, the list would probably go on and on.

The only difference between those two is that one is much more religious than the other.

And that in itself defines everything.

I am no longer a pious person.
But I do like Cory Aquino because she is.
I admire her because she is one of the millions of people in this country who is so devoted to her faith and to God and who is not insincere about it, who does not manipulate people thru the name of God.
(because yes, there are too many people who use God's name way too much, who use it to fit in, to make excuses, to whatever the hell it is people usually do)
Democracy has taken a serious downfall because of God's name being used in the most terrible manner.

She hoped to change the world through her faith and she did.
And that is inspiring to the point of tears.

I do have 1 and only memory of her (an actual live face-t0-face memory of Cory).
It's a ridiculous and a completely idiotic memory but it's one nevertheless.

What brought us together:

It was this HUGE weeklong/monthlong campaign in school during February 2009, during La Salle fair week or some other.

Cory Aquino was to come for a visit in our school.
I happened to be on these benches with my jazzmates when she arrived.

All in yellow, and you could barely even see her because there were like 20 guards and D.O.'s all holding hands tightly, surrounding her, in a circle.
As if anyone from La Salle was going to bomb her any minute (geez).
So that huge crowd was making their way thru the La Salle building, and I was seeing everything except her, so I ran across the courtyard to where they were obviously going to pass by, sat on a bench and started acting as if I was waiting for the rain or whatnot, and then as soon as they were like right in front of me, I somehow ended up in that circle!!!!
I do not know how I ended up there but I did.
And I was face to face with Cory!!!!

I was so scared shitless because I would be in so much trouble should any of those ridiculous security guards realize I, a nobody student, entering in unauthorized territory!
She prolly noticed me, wondered what the hell was I doing coz she raised her eyebrows and looked a little alarmed.
I seriously panicked and almost lost my mind.

I somehow managed to get out of that circle at last without being noticed by anyone suspicious except my jazzmates who saw that crazy stunt I did and Cory herself.
i think I stopped breathing for a total of 50 seconds.

P.S. I was wearing yellow that particular time so she prolly thought I would be attending her talk.
I wanted to, but after that? Never mind.

Well that was my personal memory with her.

I wasn't able to go to her memorial on Wednesday. I wanted to though. Pretty bummed about that.

However, Tuesday (Aug.4), there was this event in school at night in honor of Cory.
My friends were dancing and of course, I had to be there to support.
Plus it was for Cory anyway.

They wore the Yellow costume and had that yellow cloth.
Beautiful dance.
It was poem dedicated to her.

A brother. I forgot the name.
But I really liked what he said.
Gave a little history of what happened back then, how the situation was and all and what we can do as the youth today.
Right now, it's to VOTE.

Shit, I need to register. SOON.

Couldn't stay for the event as it was really raining hard, freezing cold and my roommate was dying already.

However, this was my outfit for the day.

vintage floral top, G.U. black skirt, belt fr. Monica Villarica, 168 ballet flats

I don't have any appropriate yellow. I wish I had.
Florals are all I can offer for Cory which is kind of sad but I was thinking of her as I dressed up today.

Honestly, it's been a week now and the weather has been crazy.
Freaky. I've been scared of the weather these days.
Every day, morning or night I can hear the wind howling.

We shall end this sad post with the couple with all love.

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