"Whatever Fridays" Photoshoot.

Finally the photoshoot me and my roommate had been planning for quite some time now actually happened.

Although we were rushed for time [coz there was the Time Traveler's Wife we were trying to catch], I could say this was definitely a good jump start to a road full of awesome "well-conceptualized" photoshoots. lol.

"Whatever Fridays" because we ended up portraying different themes and roles.
We just threw everything in, whatever worked.

See below:
Tell me what you think!

"Shadow Drapery"

"The Paparazzi Shot"

"The TEAM"

"We were Once Dancers in the Greenery"

"Spin Me Around, Love"

"That Party Girl"

"Silent Empowerment"

"A Mini-Fashion Spread"

"Peekaboo Door"


"The Seducer"

"When We're One..."


"Staircase Glamour"

And that's about it.

a first TEAM FAB official photoshoot.

Brought to you by:

Monica Villarica, Photographer

TEAM FAB, models



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  1. nice set of photos! and you looked like you guys had tons of fun! :) xx