090209. My flight bound for Tokyo, Japan.
AKA. The day I've been waiting all week for.

Actually, my original flight was scheduled for Saturday (09-04) but I couldn't wait any longer and what would I do in my condo anyway? Drown in more depressing thoughts? NO WAY! Might well leave earlier! (lol)

And although the night before I was a little drunk with my little roommie and her awesome friends, I was able to manage the entire process smoothly. Even my mother was so shocked when she called and I told her I was past all checkpoints.

Annoying how NAIA's Wifi system is completely unreliable.
Thank God for iTunes, lol.

Not where I'm going, btw.

Most of my closest friends know that my greatest fear is traveling on plane.
[Amazing, since I travel back and forth to Tokyo every now and then]

I've watched enough documentaries about major plane crashes to get my imagination all worked up and crazy every time that plane lifts the ground. This is the only time I am actually reciting the entire Holy Rosary in my brain and praying 10 million ridiculous prayers to the Lord.
I am not kidding.
Another thing that gets me through a flight is my Ipod. I always make sure I've got my "traveling" tunes all set before I enter an aircraft. And if not, I make sure it's overly charged. This is the perfect situation in which I can seriously say, "music will get me through..."

However, if you've been following my blog and you all know about my Red Horse incident, you'll also know that my ipod is GONE. Therefore, during this flight it CANNOT save me.

I was seriously worried I would be internally hyperventilating for the entire 4 hour flight.

Thank GOD though that PAL has gone through a serious upgrade.
I am so amazed.
I love it.

Okay so now every single chair has this TOUCH screen that can be control either by your hand or that remote above. They've got really updated movies like 17 Again and Wolverine to name a few and instead of listening to the really bad airplane music they've got, I've discovered that in this new installation they've got going on, they have a series of awesome albums from artists that we know and love!

And I'm just in Economy class. What more if you're in Business Class? I'm sure they've got a wider selection of movies and music and tv series', not to mention wider screens.

But I'm happy. Seriously, this really got me by the entire flight. I wasn't reduced to hyperventilating like a baffoon.

Stellar album I found and played during the duration of this entire flight.

Awesome, even their food was extra good this time!
I seriously don't know what happened since the last 2 months I've been on Philippine Airlines!
But whatever it is, it sure is good!
And their punctuality is improving! We left at EXACTLY 2:30 PM, arrived in Narita EXACTLY 7:30 PM.
[There was a plus of 15 minutes parking, but not really the point, lol]
But seriously, I'm impressed!

Even their travel guide thingy looks definitely new and much more organized and presentable.

4 Hours Later...

Stoked at FINALLY having landed on the ultimate City of Dreams.
I'm so giddy this entire time, I kept on smiling like an idiot.
[NOTE that I'm traveling on my own.]

The idea that I'm finally back here in TOKYO, JAPAN still hasn't stuck to me.

gaahhh...... I'm happy.

Really got psyched seeing that guy going on those revolving things.
Kinda felt like I wanted to do the same thing too!

But I didn't want to get to detained.
I've only just arrived.

Oh. Here's another cute thing I've discovered.

Remaining Arrivals for the rest of the evening.

And now before I end this post, I would just like to share with you all my "travel tunes" for this trip.

It's always important to have a playlist to get you through anything. And traveling always becomes such a drag after awhile, why not liven it up with a couple of tunes?

Here are projectrika's tunes for you, so dl them and plug them in your iTunes! I know these songs won't disappoint you. SWEAR.

Music is important, folks.
Live it, love it, own it.

1. Living in the Sky with Diamonds - Cobra Starship
2. She Dances - Lips Like Morphine
3. New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco
4. Summerboy - Lady GaGa
5. Spacemen - The Killers
6. Fireflies - Owl City
7. Stuttering - Mario
8. All the Things I've Done - The Killers
9. Bones - The Killers
10. I Can't Get No Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones


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  1. Wow you travel alone? I admire you I have been wanting to do that but I am scared of airports let alone being lost in one.. :) Have a happy trip!