Shinagawa Gives You That NYC Feel.

Day1: Shinagawa + Overshopping.

Because the main reason why I had to return to Japan was because the Immigration wanted to see me. [no, it's nothing serious, lol].

Here's a lil play-by-play of my first day back here. I'd love to share with you all the bits and pieces of TOKYO!

1. Nishi-kasai.
The little road just outside our apartment which leads to the station.

Around the neighborhood are schools. Actually it's just one school, Tokyo Communication Arts and they specialize on specific fields in art and media like Film, Music, etc and the different buildings are scattered all over the hood.
It's like CSB, only cleaner, less complicated, smaller and quieter. LOL.

2. Nishi-kasai Station.
Basically what most stations here are like.
They've got the ticket machines with HUMONGOUS maps you can barely understands, the tracks that eventually will take you underground...

It's a labyrinth down there and it's really, really fun working your way through that complicated, organized subway.
Iono, I'm weird I guess. I like the challenge of not knowing where I am, where I'm supposed to go and then figuring out [using my brain] how to get there.

That's prolly Mr. Mint, the keymaker.
Just kidding.
I have no idea what his name is.

My mom was complaining about the train fare.
Why was it soo expensive, etc etc? Because for 1 way she already spent around 1,500 yen and we weren't anywhere NEAR our destination yet [Japanese Bureau of Immigration, Shinagawa].

Then we hop on to that Asakusa line and get in this little funky train. I have NEVER ridden in anything like this ever in my whole life here in Japan. Exclude Odaiba station because that train was already known to be funky.

I feel like I'm on a Shinkansen but not. It's a normal, locally traveling train.
It's cute.
I feel comfy.

No wonder it was expensive.

3. Shinagawa Station.
Again, another place I've never really been to.
So after that short escalator trip, I was SO...AMAZED AT IT.

My photos don't really capture it.. but OMG. It's HUGE...

And I thought Tokyo Station was the biggest station here in Tokyo.
I haven't been inside of that station EITHER, but I saw it from the outside.
It was made out of gold + other luxurious sights.
No kidding.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Shinagawa Station.

Zara blazer, Glitterati lace top, DIY slashed leggings, Aszakka wedges

Being in this huge station suddenly made me feel like I was in NYC.
Like that first scene ever of Gossip Girl with Serena VW in the station.
That's how this 'Lost in Translation' moment felt like.

Apparently, as I've come to know, Shinagawa station was really patterned off like NYC's station (the humongous one we all see in the movies).
Except it seems much more complicated here since it's a NO ENGLISH kind of area.

4. Dean & Deluca.
Just a stopover. This was inside the station.

5. Bus Ride.
I don't usually ride buses [whether here or in the Philippines]
But I'm sure you can tell the difference between the two. LOL.

Flavor: TUNA.
Seriously the best thing EVER here [okay, slash ramen, lol].

I love it. All my close friends shall be getting one when I return!

6. Jangara Ramen, Harajuku.
Lunch @ 3PM.

The Immigration was strenuous. Such a drag. But thank God that's over and done with.

7. Harajuku District

OMG. I just have to say that I seriously almost hyperventilated the moment I entered H&M.

GOD, pure heaven I swear. Especially with the new Fall-Winter collection out? Shit. I'm the luckiest bitch in the whole world. LOL.

But other than the BEST SHOPPING PLACES ever, it's also the people themselves that catch your eye. Can you blend in? Or can you stand out? Because when you're in this district, either seems to be a little bit tad difficult.

I have terrible Street People pictures I know.
There were a bunch of other funky folks who I wanted to take but I was either too slow or they walked too fast.
Plus, I'm just terribly shy (NAKS! ETCHOS!).
I mean come on, I cant just walk up to some random funky person and go, "simasen... choto, ano... shashin wo totte mo ideska?"
I mean, NO! They'd prolly think, who's this chic in orange heels and awesome short hair who looks totally fabulous asking for my pic?
They'd prolly think I'm a possible ex-convict from Argentina or somewhere far FAR away from Japan. LOL.

Okay fine.
I might try doing that next week when I take a walk up in Ometesando.

The ZARA building is beautiful at night.
Notice the GOLD'S GYM?
Seriously, why would ZARA have a gym in their building?
I don't get it.

But it's funky so whatever! LOL.

This is my happy place.
And if you're a shopper slash fashion enthusiast as well, it will be your happy place too!!!

H&M loves Harajuku.
And I love Harajuku.
The whole WORLD loves Harajuku.
This is great. I can die happy now.


  1. hi. interesting blog. do you have a japanese dad? just curious. im also pinay and graduated in st. scho, your schools neighborhood hehe. i lived in japan for a year in kawaguchi. your pix makes me miss japan. like you i sooo love ramen esp wd gyoza. but right now im living here in denmark. can i ask whats your cam? i know its canon but the model? have a nice vacation! thx. :)

  2. @anonymous: Hi! thanks for checking my blog out! :P and no my father is not japanese, both my parents are OFWs, they work here and I;ve lived here during my childhood, but now i just come back and forth during my breaks :P and yess, because how can thy not live without RAMEN?! I swear. And my camera is CANON EOS KissF; it's Japanese made. lol. :P

  3. i taught you're half japanese or something coz of your "mejo singkit" eyes. anyhu enjoy the rest of your vacay and keep on bloggin.. peace out! ;)