Day 2: An Opportunity with the Salad Master.

Let's take a little break from fashion and discover a little something about the art of cooking...healthy.

2 nights ago, I've had the unexpected delight of learning all about the Salad Master.

Since the day before was spent in excessive shopping, I ended up being house arrest, scrubbing the floors, doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, making it gleam here and there.... The little flat had to be spruced up shimmery shining when the 'rents would come back at night!

Basically this Friday I assumed the role of Cinderella, and instead of the sweet little birds and mice chirping around me, I've had The Killers, Cobra Starship and Lips Like Morphine keeping me company all day long.

In fact, I was so into the role, that I absolutely did not feel that massive earthquake that hit the city around 1130AM-ish. Everyone was calling like, "There was an earthquake, medyo malakas, are you okay? *proceeds on instructions on what to do should another earthquake arise in a few minutes*"
And I'm like... "HUWAAT?? LOL. Are you kidding?" (of course they weren't. no one kids about earthquakes here). "What earthquake? Didn't feel anything...."
I am so immune to feeling I can't even feel earthquakes no more. That or The Killers just totally saved my life. OH and Patron Tequila. LOL.

Okay, so anyway back to the Salad Master. The whole day of cleaning was actually in preparation for the guests who were coming over that night. And there was a professional who was actually going to cook for us.

So they were trying to demonstrate to us this new, radical way of healthy cooking.
You know like if you use this special kind of cookware (made out of surgical titanium metal to be specific) then you could live healthier coz you can cook whatever food you want without oil, therefore all the minerals are still preserved and everything's still really organic; it's faster, easier and more efficient because you don't have to wait for so long like how you usually cook normal food, etc.

The night's menu consisted of: 1. Sinigang na baboy without putting water in it. 2. Fried chicken without the oil. 3. Cake without any water, any oven, etc.

When I first heard that, my eyebrows raised skeptically and I was like, "boy.... who you tryin' to kid?" (lol). but OMG... The demonstrators were really good in explaining things, really showed me how things were done and OMG. I had a really awesome dinner.

Check this out:

1. Sinigang na baboy without the water.

Observe. So Step 1. Put in all the base ingredients.

Step 2. Put in the meat..

Step 3. Put in.... Okay. So basically just shove everything you need in that titanium-made pan. Simple really, you won't go wrong with that.

NOTE: Put in EVERYTHING you want, JUST NOT THE WATER. Swear. Whole point of this exercise is to NOT put in water.

Step 4. Cover pan with cover, then heat it at LOW fire (because apparently, if it's HIGH fire like in normal cooking, everything you just put in there will burn -- IKR? Really weird but extremely intriguing)

Step 5. Wait 22-25 minutes.

Et voila!

There we have it. And seriously, where did that soup come from?!

And no, I watched the demonstrators and their every movement in the kitchen. They did not sneak in the water.

Okay here's something cool.

2. Salad Making.

Check out the cookware. Look's like it came straight from Transformers right?

That's Transformers-like salad-maker is like a shredder, so to speak. Just wash your veggies, shred, mix, pour in the salad sauces and serve!

It's really really awesome. That's ours now btw.

3. Fried Chicken without the Oil.

Okay so that's another cookware altogether.

Step 1. Just preheat that pan to a certain degree 200+ (there's this heating thing that comes along with the pan)

Step 2. Test with water if it's heated already. Just pour one droplet of water in the pan and just watch how it turns into this perfectly formed water-circle and it's moving all over the pan in circles. -- It's AMAZING!
Annoying how my camera wasn't able to capture it right.

Step 3: When you're done amusing yourself with the water-formed circle spinning around, put in the chicken, which will cook on it's own, without the stove and fire needed.

Step 4. Cover it. Then wait for 22 minutes.

Et voila ci!

And that is chicken without oil.
Apparently, the chicken already has oil in itself as it is. We just put in cooking oil as to not make it stick to the pan and cook it easily. Therefore, add all those oils together and we get a bunch of disgusting, unwanted and unhealthy fats inside of us!

And to think, we eat out (whether fast food or not) almost on a daily basis.
Oh God. We are all going to die soon and fast if we keep this up. No kiddin.

The demonstrators.
No, the guy is not the Salad Master.

It's actually the cookware which is the Salad Master.
Since it's really awesome, Lifetime Guarantee cookware, made out of surgical titanium metal (surgical because it's really the metal of the tools they use in surgery), the price is of course, REALLY AWESOME as well. lol.
No kiddin.

But even so, the benefits are incredible and you will definitely benefit from this. You gotta see it to believe it, I'm telling you. This is the...shit. For lack of better term, lol.

Check out the SaladMaster.com for more details!

Happy cooking!

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